Your Arms And Abs Will Transform After This 2-Week Challenge

Comparing the effectiveness of the exercises on the abs, the expert found that the “plank” position is among the most effective. It acts on the muscle activation and movement of the body better than 1000 traditional abs.

Its effectiveness is, also seen in improving body posture and alleviating pain in the back.

According to the experts, the two-week lasting of this exercise is giving significant results. To enhance the efficiency is necessary to intensify the workout.

To make this exercise more challenging, are offered 5 different “plank” positions in order to avoid the boring of standard “plank” position. The positions are explained in this article bellow.

1.Standard “plank” position

The balance is on the hands and toes. Hands are in a line with shoulders and legs are little separated. The body is kept straight and abs should be tight, back straight.

2.Side “plank” – to the right position

Balance is on the right arm and right foot (outside foot). The body is kept in a straight line and abs tightened. The left arm and leg are raised up.

3.Revers “plank” position

The body is balanced on the hands and heels, torso held upright and abs are tightened.

4.Side ‘plank” to the left position

The same as the Side “plank” – to the right (2), but on the left side.

5.Elbows “plank” position

The body is kept upright and balanced on the front of the arms and toes. Elbows are in the line of shoulders and abs tightened.

We are presenting you 2-week “plank” challenge which is leading to the astonished effects (picture below).


Repeat this plank challenge and you will be astonished by the effects!