Your 8 Week Walking Plan for Weight Watchers

Have you ever considered to keep your body in a good shape using the most easier and real healthy exercise?

If you are a beginner and don`t know the basic advice for walking we will represent you some motivation steps designed by Judy Molnar, trainer and coach for an online fitness training program called “Iron Girl.”

No matter if you just want to stay fit, or lose some weight, or even improve your heart rate, you should immediately involve the walking into your day routine.

Motivation steps

Set mini goals. You will need to motivate yourself to walk around your block every day. Or, better, sign up forthe walking or hiking group and you will be more likely to walk.

Find a buddy. When you have promised to go for a walk with a friend you will surely try to keep the promise. And besides that, you will have a company all the way.

Create a rewards system. Make a deal with yourself. Buy something for yourself whenever you finish a couple of walking routes. For example,a map of walking tour, walking outfit or something else that will make you happy.

Make an investment. Maybe you would like to spend some money and improve the conditions for walking. For example, you could buyyourself new walking sneakers or outfit. Or you couldsign up forthe gym program for winter walking on a treadmill.

8 Week Plan for Beginners

Focus on time: Your schedule should be conducted on your mission to manage walking three times a week, for a short period of time.Twice a week you will practice cross-training activities such as dancing, cycling or roller-skating. The remained two days you should resting your muscles.

8 Week Plan, Intermediate

Focus on speed: If you are not satisfied with the results from the walking by far, you should try another routine and give yourself more appropriate organization plan. For example, choose 2 days a week for resting and 2 days to practice some cardio activity. You might choose hiking, biking or some cardio fitness training.

The most successful thing to do is to add new walking interval into your routine.

For example, 2 minutes quickly walk and 2 minutes normal walk again. Practice this new interval 5 times for 20 minutes.

8 Week Plan, Advance

Focus on Building Mileage: If you think that you have reached the advanced level of walking and if you could manage to walk over 30 minutes three times a week then you are maybe ready for a marathon. Getting ready for a marathon is really exciting. Your activity plan should be focused more on improving your strength, your concentration, and your endurance ability. You need to have 2 days a week for resting. One day is reserved for cardio activities such as aerobic, fitness or biking and hiking.


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