You’ll Never Buy Butter From The Store Again After You’ve Made It Yourself (Two Ingredient Recipe)

This homemade butter is rich in vitamin A and beneficial for your tissues, teeth, skin, membranes and eyes.

By preparing it at home you will do yourself a big favor and totally replace the processed butter because unlike the organic one, the bought butter is rich in trans fatty acids and pasteurized milk.

Here is the recipe how to prepare your homemade, healthy butter:


–           2 cups organic heavy cream

–           Sea salt

Method of preparation

1)         Add the cream in a food processor and process it for around 10 minutes, until it becomes a thick whipped cream, and then it turns grainy.

2)         Drain the buttermilk from the butter.

3)         Scrape the butter should from the sides and place it in a bowl.

4)         Put it into a colander in order to strain off the buttermilk.

Using cold water, rinse the butter, turning it gently with a spoon, and when it is clean, smash it with spoons or wooden paddles in order to pour off liquid.

You can keep it in a bowl or a jar, refrigerated, or in the freezer, so it can last up to several months.