20 Minute Workout to Tighten and Tone Lower-Body

The era of anorexic and exhausted top models is behind us for longer period of time. Women with attractive legs and tightened bodies are in fashion nowadays. The most important issue that women deal with these days is how to pump up their legs and get the figure they have been dreaming about for long period of time.

If you focus on regular exercises that are appropriate about certain muscle group than the chances to improve the shape of your legs are greater. The article that follows deals with the most effective and popular workouts when your legs come to question. Almost all of the work-outs for your legs include exercises for developing and strengthening the gluteal muscles.

Once you will read these exercises you will get addicted to the same and you will start to outbrave to your laziness.

The exercises have greater effect if they are done in the morning. Before practising them, first you need to do a 10 minutes of cardio and then 5 more minutes to stretch you muscles. If you take this workout seriously and do each exercise every day, during a period of 2 weeks, you will be amazed how fast the first results will appear on your legs. Ultimately, the frequency is the one that matters, not the time.

  1. Lunges

Start the exercise by standing on your two feet with a tight core, making sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart. Your arms need to be brought together for a balance.

The first move seeks to step to the left side directly, not moving your right foot. Then bend your knees and make a pause when your upper left thigh will become parallel with the ground.

Regarding your right leg, the same need to be in a complete straight position. Once you have contracted your hamstring muscle you need to push your body off the ground in order to get back in the starting position. Then repeat the exercise on the right side.

2.Pile Squat

A dumbbell is needed for this exercise.

Start the exercise by standing on your feet and position the same wider than your shoulder-width.

Be sure your back is tight and flat. Regarding the toes, the same need to be facing out diagonally.

Take the dumbbell and hold it in front of you with both of your hands.

Look straight and drive your hips backwards. In the same time, you need to bend your knees and the same should follow your toes diagonally.

Finish this squat by placing your thighs in a parallel position with the floor. Make a little pause and slowly return to the position at which you have started without locking your knees.

  1. Glute Kickbacks

Start the exercise by positioning yourself on the floor by supporting your body on your knees and hands.

Then push one of your legs backwards.

Flat backs while you are kicking your left leg back and up.

To go back to the starting position, return your leg without touching the floor with your knee.

  1. Star Jumps

Start the exercise by standing on your feet together. Extend the arms as much as you can and place the hands by your sides.

First bend your knees a little bit and then straight the same.

While straightening your knees as you will jump up, push through the balls of your feet and spread your legs wider than the width of your hips.

While doing this, start raising your both arms out and up as forming an arch, until you meet your hands above your head.

While you are going back to the ground, you should bring your feet together, your hands to your sides, and extend your arms.

Try to continue with the exercise without making a pause as much times as it is needed.

  1. Clams

Place a mat on the floor and lie you left side of the body on the same.

While you are placing your right hand across your body, put your left hand behind your head. In order your feet to get behind you, you need to bend your knees.

When you are at the top of your movement make a pause and start lowering your knee slowly to the position at which you have started.

  1. Dumbbell Step Ups

A dumbbells and a bench is needed for this exercise. Place the bench in front of you.

Take two dumbbells, each in one hand, and place your body facing towards the bench. Turn your core and keep your eyes-look straight ahead.

Place your right knee up and step upon the bench.

Make sure that all of your weight is placed on your right leg, so that you can stand firmly on the bench.

Lower your body so that you will reach the position at which you start. Then you can switch your legs.

  1. Squats

Stand on your feet so that the same will be on a distance as the shoulder width.

Make sure that your chest is up and your abdominal is supported.

The movement can be started by swinging your arms towards your shoulders.

While you are doing this movement bend your knees so that you can make a movement with your hips as you are going to sit on a chair.

You can make a pause when your upper thighs came parallel with the ground. Afterwards drive your hips forward to.

  1. Bird Dog

Place your body in a plank position.

Your two arms and two feet need to be on the ground, the elbows placed under the shoulders.

Extend your legs as much as you can in front of you and put for feet on a distance as your hips width.

Starting from your shoulders to your knees the entire body needs to be in a straight line, with a braced core.

While keeping your hips in a parallel position with the floor, squeeze your glutes so that you can raise your right foot few inches from the floor into the air.

Stay in this position for two seconds, then you can move put your foot down. At this point you are finishing with the first repetition of the exercise.