Women With Bigger Butts Give Birth to Smarter Children, According to Science

One of the greatest problems of the Americans that is constantly increasing is the battle with themselves to succeed in getting their bodies in a healthier and fit form, which somehow became obsession to most of them.

Most of the researches implemented recently show that around 1 of 3 Americans are examined as people with overweight. Nowadays the society is focusing on the problem with the pounds and overweight more and more, but the main question that remains here is if this issues is a negative one?

Although living an unhealthy life and increasing the pounds on a day-to-day basis is a bad issue, scientists explain that not all weight can be considered as a negative one. The explanation of the extra pounds that one is carrying on his body and the possible problems occurring around the same can be found in the extra fats that are distributed in the body. If the position of the fat is considered as beneficial one than having a pearl-shaped body is much healthier than possessing an apple-shaped body, explain most of the experts in this field.

In 2010 experts from the Churchill Hospital in the UK and professors at the University of Oxford implemented a research which gave ultimate results showing that having a little more pounds that people need to carry may have a beneficial side. The research that was implemented on around 16,000 women showed a significant connection between the little extra weight in the area of their butt and their tremendously intelligent progeny.

The extra fat tissue is defined as tissue located in the lower area of the body, or more precisely the area around the butt. Although most of the people that are possessing this fatness in the butt area are considering the same as irritation, the same can be related with great number of health issues that may be beneficial, such as restricted diabetes risk, blockade towards heart disease, and a great number of other diseases that are in correlation with the previously mentioned.

The benefits of the fat that is possessed by people who have lower body weight has been confirmed through large number of studies implemented on subjects at different ages, comorbid conditions, and BMI, explain researchers for the International Journal of Obesity.

Regarding the benefits of the extra weight and fat, researchers point to another interesting fact that is statistically noted – smarter children are born by women that have larger butts.

The recent scientific evidences show that women possessing wider hips are more skilful to bear a child.  This is supported by another evidences explaining that the fat that is consisted in the mother’s breast milk is produced by the fatness found in the area of the butt and hips. This breast milk rich with fat content is considered as really healthy source of nutrition for the babies during their early development, which leads to an extended brain development. These means that these children will turn into intellectually more superior one compared with the other children at their age.

The benefits of the fat possession and its distribution in the body is a fact known for not so many years. A recent fact that is spread around nowadays is that the wide hips and the thigh fat are protective by itself and are very beneficial in terms of the body health, explains the expert Kostantinos Manologpoulous.

Overall, next time when you will find yourself in front of a mirror complaining that you have a big butt, remind yourself that you are much healthier than other people with less fat on their bodies.