Woman Posts Dramatic Before-and-After Pics of One Pound Loss to Prove That Weight is Meaningless

You probably experienced the situation that even you’ve been working out a lot in order to lose weight, the scale showed you lost nothing at all or, even worse, gained a pound. Sharing that with your friends, and they all say the same thing, the conclusion of all probably will be that this is just about muscle. Having that in mind can be raised a question does the muscle actually weigh more than fat? The next what you can ask yourself: is it possible to drastically shape your body while maintaining only a few pounds?

According to Adrienne Osuna, a fitness blogger from Santa Maria, California, you definitely can. She found a way how to shape her body, thanks to the decision not to stop eating, but to start working out, and to stop obsessing about the scale.

As a mother of four children after she had gotten serious problems of her health, she adopted a rigorous schedule of cardio, power lifting, and intermittent fasting to lose weight, kick ass and gain muscles. Even, might be her personal regimen a little too ambitious for most of you, she’s still inspiring—because she kept it real.

Posting an image on her blog she explained, that you shouldn’t be focused on your weight because it is a misleading goal. The pictures she posted before-and-after she started lifting and completing physical transformation which resulted in a surprising one pound of weight loss.

As her image had been used in advertisements for weight loss products reclaimed because that was not true, she did not use anyone’s products to succeed this, even she quitted her diet, but was focused on a hard work in the gym lifting heavy weights and intermittent fasting.

She shared a message that”…losing 2 lbs, doesn’t measure fat vs muscle.”

Source: www.someecards.com