Why Working Out is The – Least – Important Part of Losing Weight

Harley Pasternak is a personal trainer responsible for the well-shaped and attractive bodies of Katy Perry, Rihanna, Megan Fox, and Kim Kardashian. We will see his face at the Khloe Kardashian’s reality series titled as Revenge Body, very soon.

Pasternak is listed among the eight best celebrity trainers. Interesting thing about him is that he has a completely different approach when training comes to question. He has faced with clients who have been already working out with other trainers who were putting them into traditional, fitness groups, giving them mostly the common workout programs for fit bodies, putting them through fun and tough workout.

Pasternak explains that one week has 168 hours and even one person is working-out for two, three, four, or five hours weekly he is still not practising 95% of the week. What you doing during the rest of the free time has greater impact on the body compared to what you are doing at the gym those 5 hours during the week. That is the reason why Pasternak developed one interesting method, not allowing the women that he was training to come even nearly to the gym in the first two weeks. Instead of giving them a tool to for becoming a healthy person, he is making them to be the tools.

Pasternak explains that everything is focused on your habits outside the gym. That is why the average persons do not need a celebrity trainer, because they can control themselves on their own.

He ran a show at which he was putting number of women on a healthy track. He explains that faced with certain number of women who wanted to give up the show for number of reasons, but he managed them to stay at the show, and believe it or not those women lost more weight rather than the other women who were performing hard-core workouts. More interesting part is that months after filming the show, the results of these women regarding their bodies becoming much better and better, on their own.

If you want to reach you 2018 weight-loss resolution, then you will need to follow the madness method that Pasternak is suggesting and which is quite effective. The same is consisted of four steps which you must follow before hitting the gym.

  1. Get Motivated

It is true that Pasternak was keeping away from the gym the women that he was training during the first two weeks, but that does not mean that he did not give them an aim. He gave them a Fitbit and set to them a daily step goal. First, the goal was to accomplish 10.000 steps daily, then 12.000 steps, so that at the end of the first week to end with 14.000 steps per day.

The point here is to set a goal to yourself once you will decide to lose weight. It is true that if you are keeping yourself away from the too-crowded gym you may still have success. When you are hitting the gum the entire focus of yours is at the workout at the gym and not the daily activities. Instead, Pasternak thought them clients about the importance of getting to walk before teaching them how to lift weights or perform lunging.

After two weeks, when the women hit the gym, they entered there healthier, lighter, fitter, and motivated. He gave to them exercises that were targeting their abdominals, lower body, and upper body part. They were performing these exercises in a cycle through several times and were out of the gym in about 20-25 minutes.

  1. Reset Your Diet

The second thing that Pasternak did was putting his clients on a Body Reset Diet. The Body Reset Diet means consuming three smoothies and two crunchy snacks per day for the first five days. The next five days the clients had to exchange the dinner smoothie with a normal, solid, single-dish meal, which is known as the ‘S’ meal and is consisted of smoothie, soup, salad, stir-fry, sandwich, and sushi.

The reason why he prescribed this diet to his clients was because the same resets and cleans the metabolism, the digestive system, and the appetite i.e. everything is based on the nutrition and exercise psychology.

The mostly common reason why people are consuming unhealthy meals is their excuse that they do not have enough time during the day to steam, grill, or poach, which lead them to prepare some delicious food that will keep them full for a longer period of time, and food that they can have on the go every time when they are in rush.

  1. Focus on Your Sleep

All the scientific suggestions are that sleeping should be one-third of our lives. Pasternak explains that most of the people are fulfilling that sleeping pattern, but the problem is that they do not have a quality sleep, and if a person does not have a quality sleep the risk of gaining more weight is higher. This is because the hormones that are controlling the hunger skyrocket and those that need to inform form brain that your stomach is full, are suppressed and are not corresponding.

  1. Unplug

In this modern era of computerization, there is no person that is sort of addicted to his cell phone or computer. Thus, Pasternak trained his clients to get unplugged from their computers, phones, and other screen devices for at least one hour daily. As explanation to this he gives the scientific proves that the blue light emitted from the screens has a negative impact on the sleeping patterns, mood, and appetite.

Source: www.shape.com