Do You Know What Happens If You Eat Too Many Nuts?

We have all heard that eating hazelnuts or walnuts is one healthy habit that can only have positive effects on our health. But not many of us know how many is enough to feel the benefits.

Excessive consumption of these healthy foods can result in negative consequences and create some serious issues with our bodies. Here’s what you can expect if you eat more than a handful of nuts a day:

  • Weight gain – Studies promote the fact that nuts are good for losing weight but only if you eat in small and controlled amounts. Nuts are rich in fat and can actually make you gain more weight if you exaggerate with their consumption.
  • Digestion issues– A controlled daily intake of nuts can be good for you and provide you with a feeling of satiety when you are on a diet. But if you exceed the recommended daily dose, the tannins and phytates which are contained in the nuts, may hold up digestion and create more problems.
  • Inflammation, muscle pain, brittle hair and nails – Again, if you regularly exceed the daily dose, you might face selenium poisoning. This will lead to muscle pain, brittle hair and nail and cause inflammation.

In order to fully enjoy the benefits that nuts can provide for your health, it is important to only stick to recommended daily intakes and try to never exceed them.