Use Castor Oil To Destroy Cataracts And Restore Your Vision

The middle-aged and older people face a very common vision issue, called cataract. It is more common eye condition in people who are above 40 years of age.  Although it is common for adults, children and teenagers, as it has proved to be the primary cause of blindness throughout the world it needs to be taken seriously.

The experts recognize are three different types of cataract:

–           Subcapsular cataract

–           Nuclear cataract and

–           Cortical cataract

  1. Subcapsular cataract

The diabetics or people who take high doses of steroid medications are always at a greater risk of developing this type of cataract.  It is usually formed at the back of the natural lens.

  1. Nuclear cataract

It is usually formed deep in the central zone of the lens (inside the nucleus) and is generally a common old-age problem.

  1. Cortical cataract

It begins in the periphery of the lens and works the whole way towards the center like a spoke. It forms so-called lens cortex, the part of the lens that surrounds the nucleus. This type of cataract is white in color and have wedge-like cloudiness.

Symptoms of Cataract

Even though different types of cataract have different symptoms, there are a few general symptoms that can be noticed when you are affected by cataract issues.

1)         At the beginning, it has a little effect on vision by making it hazy and blurred.

2)         Light of lamps and sunlight seem to be glaring and too bright for the eyes.

3)         Colors are not appearing as bright as they did before.

In case of a subcapsular cataract, such symptoms cannot be observed until the later stage of the cataract problem.So, when you feel that you might be suffering from cataract issue, the best way to check it is to visit an eye doctor and find out what exactly you are suffering from.

Cataract and Castor Oil

If you are not sure about cataract issue and you are still relatively at an early stage of this vision problem, there is no reason to be worried. We offer you a permanent cure for your cataract without undergoing cataract surgery or even without getting a doctor’s prescription. You can try with the castor oil. It has been for the centuries to destroy cataracts and restoring the vision effectively.

How To Use Castor Oil To Destroy Cataracts?

To get a permanent cure for cataracts, castor oil can be directly applied to your eyes. It is very important to know how to use the castor oil effectively. Read the directions below well to find out how castor oil needs to be applied to the eyes.


1)         Put one drop of castor oil on your eyes directly before bedtime.

2)         Repeat once or twice this process depending on the condition of the eyes

3)         The castor oil stays in the eyes throughout the night

4)         In the morning, particles will be formed in the edge of your eyes, which is a positive sign

5)         The next that should be done is to rinse your eyes with water

This process cures the cataract and restores vision effectively and this remedy should be recommended to anybody affected with cataract problems.