5 Types of Tummies and How to Get Rid of Each of Them

Many women around the world are struggling with the tummy issues. As it is the case with every problem, first need to be detected the cause of its appearance and then trying to find the solution for the same.

The same goes for the tummy issue too. Find what caused on your beautiful body an ugly hanging tummy to appear, eliminate the cause, and restore your body shape to its original form.

The article that follows you will teach you about the types of tummies that you may possess, the cause of its appearance, as well how you can get rid of the same. There is always a correlation between the changes that one has in the habitual work and the causes from that change that may occur on the human body.


The same goes for the appearance of the different types of tummies. Sometimes the explanation lies in the extra consumption of certain foods and other times in the general increase in the body weight. If you want to bring your tummy to the original form by putting a minimum effort, first you need to determine the cause of the appearance of your tummy and then try to neutralize the same.

The following 5 tummies are the most common one:

  1. Alcohol Belly

If you are a consumer even to small amount of alcohol drinks such as beer, wine, etc. then you may have a problem with a proper food digesting. It is well known that alcohol drinks consist high amount of calories, so this means that you need to stop consuming alcohol drinks and focus your diet more on fruit and vegetables.

  1. Mommy Belly

Even after you gave a birth to a child, there are still fats concentrated on your belly. To return your tummy in the shape as it was before the pregnancy you need to exercise and to massage the problematic area as well. If you think that you belly is not returning to its original form nearly, then consult your doctor.

  1. Stressed Out Belly

It may sound unfamiliar to you, but if you are dealing with stress and insomnia then be sure that the cause of fat belly is a result of it. In these situations, the fat in the area of your tummy are getting more and more concentrated. The greatest advice will be to sleep at least eight hours a day, stop eating any unhealthy food, put the coffee consumption to minimum.

  1. Hormonal Belly

If your organism goes through a hormonal misbalance that the appearance of fat belly is for sure. To prevent this, you need to change your diet and start eating healthier food. If the problem still occurs, then you need to consult your doctor.

  1. Bloated Belly

If you are dealing with problems in your digestive tract, then the appearance of your fat tummy may be given as an explanation to the same. To prevent the same, you need to start drinking more water on a day to day basis and take probiotics.