TOTAL BODY TONING Workout – Tone your Trouble Zones QUICKLY

Keep your body in top form, sometimes is a big problem for you, especially if you are busy and can’t manage to find enough time. So you should look for a short but effective workout, and be done in your close environment, not losing time to go to the gym. We offer you one of the best solutions, with only 10 prestigious exercises.

The goal of this workout is to help you activating all major muscle groups, burning extra fat and shaping your body in a simple way and quickly.


– Follow the order of the exercises given bellow.

– If you are physically more prepared, and still have extra time, repeat the exercises, with the same order

Here are the exercises:

  1. 2 minutes walking in place.

You can do it outside or inside

  1. For this exercise, you need a medicine ball (or just large bottle full of water).

A) Start in standing position with your legs spread, holding the ball between your legs (your hands can be rectified). Go to squat position.

B) While lifting your body up, bring the ball over your head


A number of repetitions: 30

  1. Start standing up straight.

A) Let your feet be the width of your hips, and hands clenched into a fist, Go to the squat position.

B) While lifting your body up, extend your right leg aside. Return the leg to its position and go to the squat again. It makes one rep.


A number of repetitions: 15 repetitions with each leg

  1. Jump rope for 2 minutes.

You can imitate jumping if you don’t have a rope.

  1. Take small dumbbells in the hands (or small bottles filled with water).

Stand up straight, take a step forward with one leg and at the same time raise your arms sideways to shoulder height.

Come back to the original position, while you are lowering hands down.

Repeat the same with the other leg.


A number of repetitions: 30 with each leg

  1. Kneel on the floor and rely on the hands, as the dog position,

Place hands under the shoulders and knees under hips.

Extending your right leg backwards, move your leg up and down (10-20cm), tightening the muscles of your buttocks and pulsing movement.


A number of repetitions: 30 with each leg

  1. Jump rope for 2 minutes as in exercise No 4

8. A) Lying on your right side, bend your knees at an angle of 45 ° and extend your right hand and tilt the head on it.

B) Lift your left leg as higher as you can, while your right leg is stacked to the floor (do not separate feet).

Lowering your left leg down


A number of repetitions: 30 repetitions with each leg (on each side)

9.You need two small dumbbells.

A) Go to the squat, leaning your back on the wall, with knees bent at an angle of 90 °

B) Raise your hands above your head and hold in this position for 2-3 seconds


Lower your arms to the A) position. Do 30 repetitions.

  1. Jump rope for 2 minutes.