Tiffany Went From a Size 2XL to a Small in 1 Year — and She Didn’t Go to the Gym

Tiffany is an example that if you have a great will-power to do something, you will achieve the same. Her transformation is something that cannot be described as that, if we take into consideration that she lost 65 pounds in one year without following any strict diet or visiting the gym. She admits that she got into this move 100% committed to say goodbye to the junk food, candy bars, sodas, and other foods similar to them. She turned into a diary-free and gluten-free person.

First she eliminated the dairy products from her everyday diet and lost 20 pounds in the first couple of months. The feeling that she shared those moths was incredible to her. She never felt so lighter before.

Instead of visiting the gym and losing extra time Tiffany decided to make the workout at home. She started doing Insanity Max 30 which was extremely challenging to her. The program was quite difficult for her so that is why she modified the exercises. She admits that she was making a lot of pauses between each exercise at the beginning of her regime and she was fighting for a breath.

On her way of becoming skinny she faced with some advantages as never before. First she was able to find clothes that she liked, instead of buying clothes that had her size only, as previously. She sadly remembers on her days when she was wearing clothes size xl, ending up always with bunch of clothes that she did not like it but she could not afford another because the other were too small for her. Today she is proud of herself that she can fit into all the clothes that she is going to like, and spends quality time of fun into the fitting-rooms.

The following is the diet that she was keen to:

– Her breakfast was consisted of large protein shake made of fruit, collagen, and cashew milk;

– Her Lunch was consisted of lean meat that sometimes was ground turkey and sometimes chicken, along with vegetables; and

– Her dinner was consisted of large salad with a dairy-free dressing into it and a chicken meat.

Between the meals she could allow to herself some snacks. She used to eat RXBAR. Sometimes she is instead of RXBAR she is having apple and peanut butter, carrots, or some unprocessed food. Nevertheless, she is trying to avoid snacks because she considers them as unnecessary calories entered into her organism. Most important is that she is drinking a lot of water during the entire day.

Her motivation is kept on the highest possible level thanks to the support that she is getting on her Instagram profile. She shares everything there and people are texting her most of the time. Great is the number of her followers that are explaining that Tiffany is her motivation for losing their extra weight and star running a healthy life. Tiffany is just an example to most of her followers, and that is giving her purpose of what she is doing. She says that she will be very happy and satisfied if great number of her followers achieve the same what she has achieved.

Another motivation to her is the thought of how miserable, depressive, and uncomfortable she was wearing the xl size of clothes. Nowadays she is spending more and more time with her family and children on the beach without feeling any shame of how her body looks. She promised to herself that she will never go back to her lifestyle and feel miserable again.

If you tend to lose the extra weight, Tiffany advises not to do a diet. The only key to the success is to change your way of feeding into a healthy one and to move your body as much as you can. All the diet pills, starvation diets, and wraps may help you at the beginning, but the same have the yo-yo effect and will make you to return the lost pounds even in a double amount. They are all permanent, and permanent solution is not what you need to look for.

Finally, the patience was her greatest companion during the entire regime. Tiffany explains that if you are losing weight correctly, then the process takes longer period of time. She advises not to rush and to accept the process as that.

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