This Simple Exercise Will Get Rid of That Saggy, Double – Chin in no Time

The sagging skin under the jawline is especially big and boring problem when you grew older. But there are several possibilities that you could solve the challenge with the sagging skin if you read the instructions in the magazines or try to exercise some movements demonstrate by the instructors.

The makeup artist Bobby Wells, aesthetician Fini Leijssius, and cosmetic surgeon Victoria Karlinsky, interviewed for the Fox News Magazine are explaining the importance of keeping the skin hydrated and preventing the drooping of the skin. Besides the night creams and the cosmetic care they recommended firming ingredients that contain ceramides, peptides, and collagen boosting ingredients. A big part in the prevention of the skin from drooping has the collagen. Certainly, the face lifting and other cosmetic treatments could also help and keep the skin tightened.

According to WebMD,”skin is a fiber meshwork of collagen and elastin together”, which means that the protein that keeps the skin firm tends to drop if you don`t pay attention toyour skin protection and moisturizing.

The exercise which would help you strengthen the underlying muscles around the jawline and the neck is described as 20 minutes “workout” for the face muscles.

The focus point of this exercise is under the jaw, where the neck becomes the chin. The exercise should be done in order to loose the skin under the jaw and decrease double chins simply bu working with the face muscles.

First: Lift your chin up and tilt your head back, Then you should push the lower jaw forward. When you feel the stretching hold and count to 10. Slowly lower the chin to3 inches. Lift again. Repeat this lifting and lowering for 20 times. Do it slowly so the muscles could work. While doing the exercise, keep focusing on the area under your chin. When you finish with the lifting and lowering relax your muscles properly.

Second: Lift your chin, tilt your head and start to rolling the lower jaw slowly. Count to 10 while you are holding the same position. Then, drop your chin for 3 inches and slowly lift it again. The focus point here is under the chin. The movements should be very slow so all the muscles could work. Focus on the muscles that are working and feel the stretching. After you are finished drop the chin low again and relax the neck muscles.

If you are doing these exercises properly and for 20 minutes a day you can be sure that the problems with the sagging skin under your jawline will be no more frightened for you and soon you will have the strengthen and protected skin.