This Move Tightens Your Abs and Booty While Burning Crazy Calories

This exercise is similar to the “knees and toes” and high knees exercise, with the very close results. This is a quick skip move that proves to tighten your core, toning your lower abs, and working your legs (especially the calves!) and booty.

In the article bellow, you can find a quick tutorial for this quick skip motion, but you’re jumping off your standing foot to add an extra challenge.

It combines the typical running motion with exaggerated knee lifts. It is usually used by runners and other athletes as it is proven in improving running form, your speed, flexibility andpower.

Quick tutorial

Starting position is by standing with your feet hip-width apart.

Making a fist with both hands, bend the elbows, while your hands are about level with your chin.

Driving the left knee up, twist your torso to the left, and bring the knee to meet your right elbow.

Repeat the same movements with the right knee meeting your left elbow, and do this in a hopping motion. During those motions stay on the balls of your feet.

Engaging your abdominal muscles as you’re lifting your knees up and squeezing the side oblique muscles as you twist.

Enjoy in this perfect move!!!