This Military Diet Can Help You Lose 10 Pounds In 3 Days

Many people who are on their way of losing weight cannot make an actual difference between the loss of muscle and the loss of fat. Once you have decided that is real time to start eliminating the extra weight, it is really important to avoid the loss of muscle and the appearance of loose skin. The military diet is a combination of correct amount of aerobic exercises and a diet plan that will burn the only the necessary amount of calories and help you to shape your body.

Every day of this diet starts with a proper breakfast. The first breakfast needs to be consisted of one cup of caffeinated black coffee, one half of grapefruit, and whole wheat toast with two tablespoons of peanut butter on it. Those who are allergic on peanut butter may have almond butter or hummus as exchange. The lunch needs to be consisted of cup of a coffee without sugar and milk, a cup of tuna, and a slice of toast. The first day ends with a dinner which needs to be consisted of three ounces of lean minced meat, one cup of green beans, one apple, and half banana.

For the second day of the diet, the breakfast needs to be consisted of a half banana and toast with scrambled eggs on it. Also you may have coffee or tea again without sugar. The lunch needs to be consisted of one cup of cottage cheese, five crackers, and one boiled egg. The dinner during the second day needs to be consisted of cup of broccoli, two sausages, half cup of carrots, and a half cup of banana that is mixed with vanilla ice cream.

The last day of the diet is defined as a starvation day, because the breakfast includes only a slice of cheese, one apple, and five crackers. The lunch is poor too and is consisted of only one egg and a slice of plain toast. The dinner is somehow richer and contains one cup of vanilla ice cream, half a banana, and a cup of tuna.

Important tips regarding the diet are:

– no snacking between the meals is allowed;

– you cannot make the diet with a harmful binge period;

– no alcohol drinks are allowed during the diet;

– you must follow the proper regime;

– if you have certain healthy issues consult your doctor before starting with this diet.

This diet is not suitable for those who are expecting immediate results. If you or some of your friends or family members are struggling with extra pounds and want to lose the same in a short period of time, then the military diet is the right one that will help. If you are a person that has unpleasant experience with yo-yo dieting than you should not start doing this diet. Also if you are afraid of certain healthy risks, be sure to consult your doctor before partaking this diet.