This Is What Solved My Extreme Bloating Problem That 4 Doctors Couldn’t Figure Out

DOMINIQUE ASTORINO explains how she solved the problems with bloating.

She moved to San Francisco when the weather was colder than previous and there she started a new job. She started to feel some problems from nowhere, as her stomach started ballooning arbitrarily throughout the week making her look three-to-six-months pregnant at any given moment.

She was surprised because she didn’t change her diet, exercise routine and her overall health were the same as previous. Her bloating was not because of weight gaining and she couldn’t believe what was happening, and she was horrified.

For 11 months, she wasn’t comfortable with her body and was so afraid to eat, and she didn’t feel her body like before. The worst part of that condition was that there was no explanation what exactly happened.

She visited so many doctors and went through so many labs, trying to find what the reason of that condition is. The doctors didn’t find any hormonal problems or blood and thyroid imbalance, which made her frustrated.

Then, her doctors referred her to a phenomenal GI, and one of her close friends referred her to an acupuncturist and naturopathic doctor, which were two avenues that she hadn’t tried, yet!

For the acupuncture, she visited Dr. Magnolia Ng of Advance Health SF, and her GI appointment was with a gastroenterologist, Dr. Daniel Conlin. The two very different doctors from very different backgrounds located the source of the problem in the stressful condition. The stress was probably caused by her move to the new job and new place of living.

Dr. Conlin tested her blood and breath for celiac, h. pylori, SIBO, IBD, and post-infection bacterial overgrowth and everything came back negative. He suggested eliminating dairy, despite the fact that she wasn’t lactose intolerant. Even he went through so many avenues, he kept the idea that it was probably stress-induced.

Dr. Conlin recommended acupuncture, ginger root, ginger tea, charcoal tablets and specifically Align probiotics.  She appreciated Dr. Conlin’s openness to natural treatment despite his coming from a Western background and that totally increased her trust in him.

Dr. Ng had an additional approach combining with the acupuncture treatments for both stress and energy blockages in her abdomen – Chinese herbs. She gave her a bottle of Mu Xiang Shun Qi Pian, or “BloatEase,” to take three times a day.

The herbs and the acupuncture were effective and intended to set things right again. She also recommended using both traditional Eastern medicine in combination with Western medicine.

This combination of treatment required absolutely life changing. The acupuncture treatment, Chinese herbs and probiotics, along with eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and staying on workout schedule has helped her to restore her body to its natural shape.

The results of this treatment were decreased bloating in size, severity, discomfort, and frequency,

Lessons learned:

–           Western and Eastern medicine aren’t mutually exclusive, and in fact, when they’re used together

–           In case you’re not getting answers, don’t give up.

–           Make another appointment.

–           Don’t take no for an answer

–           Ask for another referral.

–           If you don’t advocate for yourself, no one else will.