This Is How Your Diet Affects Your Booty, According to a Bikini Bodybuilder

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1.5 years, 27 lbs difference, and 1000000 hip thrusts, deadlifts, donkey kicks etc later !!!! No surgeries on my butt (yes I got my boobs done 👌🏻). I do not judge girls who are getting butt implants (it is your body and you have all the rights in the world to do anything you want with it!! ❤️) as long as they don't sell booty programs and fool others about achieving the look that is unachievable by diet and workouts. I've chosen the hard way that's why it took me so long to get to the point I am now . Clean diet and working out 6 times a week is definitely paying off. There are days that I cry because I am so exhausted or in so much pain ( soreness ) that I can't move …but guess what ! I love it ! I love every second of my hard work that I put in the gym . There is no magic pills or diet that will make your body toned in 30 days . Don't let anybody fool you ! Be consistent, work hard and you will be amazed with the progress and with what your body is capable of ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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Marta Mielczarska is a fitness expert and a bikini competitor. She is sharing very interesting and useful suggestions about her workouts on Instagram and as far as can be noticed on her body, her tips may be very useful to you. Nevertheless, Marta want to share with the public that the change that happened to her body did not follow into the gym, not even when booty gains come to the topic.

Most of her followers’ questions are related with the question how they can build a butt, and most of them consider that they need to decrease the amount of food that they are consuming and then start exercising. The truth is that everybody who wants to build a butt need to start eating a lot in order to put on extra muscle mass of calories, explains Marta. She alarms that she pumped up her butt not by starving or skipping meals, but by increasing the amount of food that she consumes. She adds that cutting calories is not a good idea when building a butt comes to a question.

As far as you can see on the pictures in this article there is a great difference before and after Marta’s regime for building her butt. On the first picture, or before starting to exercise, Marta was consuming only 1800 calories per day. On the second picture which is taken year and a half after the first one, Marta was and is still consuming 2200 calories per day.

Everything that you have heard about cutting the amount of food in order to get in a shape is a misunderstanding. Most of the people in the process of toning their bodies are reducing the amount of calories that they are entering into their bodies and are limiting their daily meals on certain healthy food groups, which is wrong. Marta explains that if you want toned body with a built butt then you cannot achieve that only by eating healthy food and reject to eat a full meal.

The second most important thing in the process of growing your glutes is, after the normal daily meals, is the well-constructed workout plan. If you want to nail booty gains than definitely you will need to do regular weightlifting sessions. Marta explains when she started with the process of shaping her butt, she was doing exercises six times a week. If you are beginner, she suggests taking a personal trainer who will prepare a workout plan for you and will practise with you once or twice a week. That way the trainer will help you to get the idea of the exercises that you need to practice and will motivate you somehow. Once you will get on the track, you can continue onward on your own.