This 10 – Minute Ab Routine Burns More Stomach Fat Than a 30 Minute Run (Video)

When it comes to losing weight, the biggest trouble people are seeing by dropping their stomach fat.

However, well build muscles can make people look thinner, especially in their stomach area.

According to the experts and fitness trainers, keeping on doing only cardio exercises, will not help you build your muscles and shape your body.

For this reason, we asked some trainers to recommend the type of exercises that will not only help you lose weight but also tone and build your abs.

Here we will present you 3 the most effective exercises for your ABS

How to do:

–           Perform the exercises consecutively, each taking 90 sec. in total.

–           Make a short break of 30 sec

–           Repeat this cycle at least five to six times again.

  1. The Crunch

The famous crunch is the predecessor of all the abs exercise and thus it is superior to all other exercises in its simplicity and effectiveness.


–           Starting position – Laying with your back on the ground, your feet flat on the ground and knees bent.

–           Lift the upper half of your torso as high off of the ground as possible and hold this position for one second

–           Lowering slowly yourself again on the ground, complete one repetition.

Perform 10 repetitions, to complete one set.

Note: Always feel tension in your abs.

  1. The Plank

The plank as an isometric exercise, according to the several studies is very effective at burning fat as well as building muscle, as they raise the temperature of deep muscle tissue.


–           Starting position – laying on your stomach on the ground, with your elbows on the ground and your forearms out in front of you.

–           Flexing your abs, lift your body up off the floor, touching the ground only with your toes and forearms.

Watch the detailed instructions on the video:

When you are performing a plank, keep your body as straight as possible for 20-30 sec. The time can be increased as you progress.

  1. Scissors

This is one of the most complex moves, which is a great mix of some cardio and muscle build at the same time.


–           Starting position – Laying on your back with your hands cupping the back of your head.

–           Flex your abs and bring your left knee up

–           Alternate with your right knee touching your left elbow.

–           With your legs perform a cycling motion, similar to riding a bike.

Perform 10-15 repetitions or 30 sec.

This short period of time (10 minutes), but it provides you with noticeable improvements.