These Strawberry Campagne Jello Desserts Are Like Fancy Grown-Up Jello Shots

The holiday season has just started and everywhere around us you can feel the holiday spirit. The Christmas decorations are not the only things that announce the holiday spirit. Different Christmas tasty foods and drinks are included here too.

Mixing alcohol drinks with jelly always seems as a good idea for the holidays, although most of the people consider this recipe as college one. Preparing a dessert of strawberries, jelly, and champagne is always so tasty and good looking.

It can be said that everything that is prepared with champagne automatically turns into a fancy desert, which can be perfect for the holiday season. Actually there are so many ways to use and combine the champagne with something, rather than drink it straight-up as that. Making champagne ice cubes is so easy and decorative or mixing the champagne with OJ to get a brunch mimosa can be so tasty. Although it may sound a little bit strange to you, you can mix this bubbly stuff with a vinaigrette and get so delightful champagne vinaigrette salad dressing that will make your salad so festive as never before.

If you want to make this holiday season more festive and interesting to you, then definitely you need to prepare the Strawberry Champagne Jelly dessert. The same will make your friends and family to go wow.

The following article will give you the recipe for this amazing dessert that it looks so fancy, but in the same time is so super easy to be prepared. The most important part for this recipe is to know how to open the champagne bottle, or things may get messy. So if you have any leftover champagne from some celebration put it aside, it will be useful for the following recipe.

The ingredients needed for the same are not so many and are acceptable to everyone:

– water;

– sugar;

– unflavoured gelatine powder;

– ginger ale;

– strawberries; and

– champagne.

The preparation of this tasteful dessert is so easy and time-saving. First you need to slice up the strawberries into pieces. Then prepare the jelly as you are usually doing. In one bowl mix the ginger ale and the champagne. Add the jelly into it and stir it the entire mixture. Before the mixture is completely set i.e. it is a little thick, fold the same in the strawberries. Finally leave the entire mixture to chill for a longer period of time. That it is – you have a perfect dessert for your holiday season. Taste it and share the recipe with your friends.