These are the Best and Worst Foods for Sleep

When sleeping comes to issue, people may be divided into two groups, night owls or early birds. No matter in which group you may list yourself, it is a fact that once you lay down your head on the pillow you want to fall asleep and get rest. There is nothing more nervous rather than insomnia. All studies up till know are listing sleeping as one of the ingredients for good, healthy lifestyle.

Russell Rosenberg, PhD. and CEO of the National Sleep Foundation explains that the ultimate results of most of the studies regarding foods that are having good or bad influence on sleeping a quite spotty. There is no strong evidence, but just an anecdotal one which ingredients need to be consumed before going to bed so that we will have a quality sleeping time. Throughout all these studies, Rosenberg explains that they, the researchers, succeeded in grouping foods into sleep promotors and sleep stealers.

The following article will introduce to you number of foods that are potentially good for your sleeping time or potentially bad ones.

  1. Cherries

GOOD ONE: Keri Gans, a dietician from New York explains that this fruit is among the less one that are containing melatonin, a chemical that has a great influence on our body’s internal clock. This lady is the creator of the book ‘The Small Change Diet’ in which she mentions the one and only study which found that people who are suffering from chronical insomnia and were drinking tart cherry juice every night before going to bed, improved their sleeping and quality duration. Also, people who are traveling a lot on a long journey, are consuming melatonin capsules, so that they will fall asleep immediately and will not feel how many hours they were traveling.

  1. Bacon Cheeseburger

BAD ONE: This burger is listed as a junk food and contains a stratospheric fat that is defined as a sleep killer. The fats from the cheeseburger causes and stimulates the production of acids in the stomach. These acids will spill up in your esophagus and will create a heartburn. Junk food is also responsible for loosening the lower esophageal sphincter, something which is defined as a barrier between the esophagus and the stomach. This process helps acids to get in all the wrong places of your organism. Thus, there is nothing beneficial consuming cheeseburgers or any other junk food, not only in terms of quality of sleeping, but from all healthy conditions in general.

  1. Milk

GOOD ONE: Going back to your childhood day you may remind yourself of your mother or grandmother brining you a glass of milk before going to bed, with explanation that you will fall asleep and you will sleep better. Believe it or not, this is not just an old wives’ tale, but a scientifically proven fact, too. The milk is a great container of tryptophan, which is defined as a precursor to the serotonin that may be found in the brain. Some of the scientists believe that the serotonin and the tryptophan are the chemicals responsible whether you will have a good and quality sleep or not. Other scientists are against this claim, and that is why the same is considered for hypothesis. Despite what you believe it might be said that a glass of milk before going to bed just brings up memories from your childhood and relieves your entire body and makes you fall asleep easier.

  1. Wine

BAD ONE: Not only wine, but all types of alcohol are so bad for you when falling asleep comes to question. Each alcohol that you will consume before going to bed will make your organism to metabolizes very quickly and will causes you to wake up several time during the night. Thus, you will wake up in the morning tired and nervous. One of the studies regarding this issue has shown that drinking glass of bourbon or vodka mixed with some caffeine-free soda before going to bed, increases the time that women are spending to fall asleep during the night up to 15 minutes. The same results showed that has negative consequences on the quality of sleep and reduces the nightly sleep time by 19 minutes. So if you think that you will not have problems falling asleep if you consume alcohol before going to bed, be compassionate to your partner. Maybe you did not know, but alcohol makes you snoring so worse and lauder that will leave your partner without a sleep.

  1. Jasmine Rice

GOOD ONE: Talking about the jasmine rice, that same is higher on the glycaemic list. The same is digested very slowly which is quite good, because in that slow process releases glucose gradually into the entire bloodstream. One study that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2007 showed interesting ultimate results i.e. eating jasmine rice 4 hours before going to bed reduces the amount of time needed for falling asleep into a half into a comparison with a consumption of a meal that is rich with high-glycaemic index for fours before going to bed too. This is so because all those foods that re rich with glycaemic index are increasing the production of tryptophan.

  1. Coffee

BAD ONE: We all know that coffee contains a caffeine which is defined as a stimulator to the central nervous system. This means that if you drink coffee or other drinks that are containing caffeine will make you to stay awake all night long. You may take into consideration that different people reacts different on the same dose of caffeine. Timothy Roehrs, PhD and a scientist at the Henry Ford Sleep Disorder and Research Centre explains that this is so because different organisms have different capacities for consuming the same amount of caffeine. If you are among those people who do not know the exact tolerance of caffeine, the best is to skip the coffee late at night and have a quality sleep.

  1. Fortified Cereal

GOOD ONE: Every time cereals are mentioned to us; we are relating the same with breakfast most of the time. The truth is that the same are good for sleep too, with exception of a box of cereal cookies before going to bed. Instead of these sweets you may have a bowl of shredded wheat or Kashi that contains complex carbs. Much better is if you pull milk into the bowl with the cereals and you will get a double dose of sleeping stimulator. Other ingredients that are rich with complex carbs are buckwheat, barley, and quinoa too.

  1. Dark Chocolate

BAD ONE: We all know that if we want to run a healthy life we should give up of the chocolate because the same contains a great amount of calories. Another ingredient that the chocolate has is the caffeine, especially the dark chocolate. For example, one Hershey’s milk chocolate bar of 1.55 ounces contains around 12 milligrams of caffeine which is equal to three cups of decaffeinated coffee. Another example that may be given is the Hershey’s special-dark bark which believe it or not has 20 milligrams of caffeine, amount equal to half an ounce of espresso. Another fact that you do not know is that chocolates are rich with theobromine, a stimulant that makes your heart rate to get increase and causes insomnia.

  1. Bananas

GOOD ONES: Bananas are sleep promotors because the same are rich with magnesium and potassium which are natural muscle-relaxants. Additionally, they are carbs too, which is another benefit for good sleeping. Overall, bananas are good for our entire health in general. The potassium contained in them is very helpful for our cognitive functioning and cardiovascular health.

  1. Red Bull

BAD ONE: The Red Bull is listed among the bed sleeping ingredients because the same is rich with caffeine. Believe it or not, one Red Bull drink of 8-ounces contains around 80 milligrams of caffeine which is equal to a Starbucks espresso of 1-ounce. Now when you know how much caffeine one Red Bull contains, maybe it will be good to avoid the same during the day too. The organisms of some people may feel the consequences of one Red Bull drink up to eight hours.

  1. Turkey

GOOD ONE:Same as milk, the turkey contains a great amount of tryptophan which will make you to fall asleep very soon after consuming it. Unfortunately, if you are among those people who are struggling with insomnia, then a piece of turkey or a glass of milk will not help you to fall asleep faster. In order to achieve that you will have to drink more cups of milk or eat plenty of turkey.

  1. Mountain Dew

BAD ONE: I bet you did not know the fact that a Mountain Dew MDX, jolt Cola, and Vault contain 71 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce serving. That is the highest limit that one body may consumed as it is said by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The fact is that the other sodas are having the same amount of caffeine, more less. For instance, the sodas as Coke and Pepsi contain citrus, sodium benzoate, and other chemicals that have a negative influence on the gastrointestinal tract. The same lead to production of acid reflux, which is not beneficial for sleeping at all.

  1. Sweet Potato

GOOD ONE: Sweet potatoes are rich with carbohydrates and potassium, which makes them a sleeper’s dream. Other ingredients that are as good as the sweet potatoes and contain a lot of potassium are the regular potatoes, papaya, and the lima beans.

  1. Indian Curry

BAD ONE: The Indian curry is listed as a heavy spice and each heavy spice has a negative influence on one’s organism and sleep if it is consumed before going to bed. One study who was implemented on young people in Australia showed interesting ultimate results i.e. all young people who were eating Tabasco sauce, which contains curry, and mustard for dinner had much more troubles falling asleep in comparison with the group of young people who were eating blander suppers for dinner. The heavy spices are also known as cause of heartburn. So next time when you will say to you that you will include Indian curry into your dinner, remind yourself of this article and forget on it.

  1. Valerian Tea

GOOD ONE: The root of the valerian is very healthy. The same not only improves the sleep quality, but speeds the onset of sleep too. Some people are combining the valerian tea with catnip brews, motherwort, and chamomile in order to relax their bodies and get ready for bed.

  1. Chicken

BAD ONE: Chicken or any other food that contains proteins will be so negative for your night sleep. So try to avoid eating chicken for your dinner. Because of the great concentration of proteins, consuming chicken at night means slowing your digestion of to 50%, which causes your body to get focused on the digestion instead of the sleeping. If sometimes happen to you to have chicken or other high-protein meal for dinner, try to consume something that contains carbohydrates too, so that you will balance the proteins that you have put into your organism and fall asleep easier.