The Water Recipe That Literally Flushes Fat From Your Body

In order to keep your body hydrated and cleanse needs enough water every day.

Fat deposits that are formed in your body can be tough to break down and eliminate, however, proper nutrition and exercise can be of great help with this.

When the fat is broken down, the body uses its deposits to produce energy and the triglycerides in the fat cells. The deposits are broken down into fatty acids and glycerols and are absorbed into your muscle tissue and internal organs.

If the products are not broken with these chemical processes, they are not used by the body as energy, and became waste products and need to be removed from the body. In this situation water play very important role.

The Role Of Water

Water is called the vehicle of the removing of these waste products from the body. They are filtered out of your organs by the water that you drink. This is why it is important to drink enough water each day and stay hydrated, facilitating the breakdown and elimination of fat cells.

Many experts claim that you should consume around 8 glasses of water per day, but this amount can largely vary depending on your constitution, the intensity of exercise, and even how hot it is outside. You should consider water before soda, fruit juices, or other sugary drinks, as these can actually dehydrate your body even more. It is even recommended to drink a little extra water, than not enough!

The Fat Flush Water Recipe – And How to Prepare


2 Liters (64 oz.) Purified Water

½ Grapefruit, sliced

1 Tangerine, sectioned

4 Peppermint or Spearmint Leaves

1 Cucumber, sliced

Ice, (optional)


–           Mix in a pitcher all ingredients before bed

–           Drink throughout the entire next day.

–           It is recommended using organic produce

–           Thoroughly wash the produce before adding it to the water.

The benefits of the Fat Flush Water:

  • The tangerine is great for increasing your sensitivity to insulin, stabilizing blood sugar, and provide with vitamin C,
  • The grapefruit will burn fat, increase metabolic energy, and increase energy.
  • The cucumber helps you to feel fuller and acts as a natural diuretic,
  • The mint leaves help in digestion.

You should know that drinking water alone or even this recipe for the water is not able to burn fat on its own, as you still need to do the exercise that is required to break down the fat

In addition, proper nutrition plays a huge role, as your body needs enough calories for your body from healthy, lean, whole foods. This tasty water recipe will help you to ensure that you are drinking enough and give you some added nutrients throughout the day.

Enjoy it!