The Scary Reason You Need To Skip The Baby Carrots

Baby carrots are very often a part of the raw vegetable dish and especially very popular among the children. According to that, they seem to be a great and healthy snack. Of course, it is fully true that the carrots, straight from the ground, are healthy and should be included in everybody’s diet. However, they certainly differ from those little baby carrots that you get in a bag.

Learn here about these miniature carrots and why should we avoid them.

Baby carrots are received from faulty whole carrots, processed and rinsed in chlorine. In addition, they’re a perfect size and sweeter than your average carrot.

The baby carrots are often slightly less nutritious than fully mature carrots, because they are heavily processed.

Why should you avoid baby carrots?

The chlorine rinse is the final rinse of processing baby carrots in order to avoid bacterial growth and ultimately, food poisoning. Although companies claim that the amount of chlorine used in rinsing is well within the set limits, many people haven’t been too pleased.

What’s the solution?

–           Avoid eating baby carrots by buying fresh from your local farmers.

Having in mind that it’s not the only food that is treated in this manner, it’s a sad reality, as we continue to move towards choices that trump convenience over nutrition.

This warning is not the sign that you need to start growing carrots in your backyard, but only a suggestion to find an alternative to this quick-and-easy snack.

It is recommended, simply to buy whole carrots from your local farmers and cut baby carrots yourself.

What about nutrition?

The people are aware that the food is becoming more and more manipulated, not only with processing but in the way in which our food is grown has also changed. Manipulating certain vegetables, their nutritional content begins to dip, so instead of maintaining a high level of nutrients, companies are more concerned with keeping items widespread in the groceries and to make more money.

As we should need to question everything we eat, we are fortunate that we have a choice.