The Oils That Can Help You Fix Your Hormones

Hormones are compounds in the human body that regulate the activity of cells and tissues in various organs. In order to have good health and a feel well-being, the hormones produced by your body should be at balanced levels. Knowing about the causes, symptoms, and function of your hormones is a step to creating hormone balance.

One of the safest ways to balance your hormones is by using herbs, such as myrtle, clary sage, sandalwood, holy basil, lavender, and thyme.

What does hormonal balance mean?

–          Thyroid hormones

The thyroid gland produces thyroxin and triiodothyronine, which function is to regulate the metabolic processes.

–          Sleep hormones

The pineal gland produces sleep hormones (melatonin), which may greatly affect the overall health. If the hormones are imbalanced they cause sleeping problems and weaken the human body, making it prone to diseases.

–          Adrenal hormones

Adrenal glands produce cortisol, which enhances the metabolic processes and regulates stress levels.

–          Reproductive hormones

Progesterone and estrogen are responsible for regulating menstrual cycles, female fertility, and vaginal pH.

The responsibility of testosterone is regulating male fertility, libido, production of red blood cells and bone mass. Any hormonal imbalance may increase the risk of cancer.


Here are the most common symptoms of hormonal imbalance:

–           Insomnia

–           Weight loss or weight gain

–           Low libido

–           Anxiety and depression

–           Irregular menstrual periods or infertility

–           Fatigue

–           Appetite changes

–           Hair loss and hair thinning

–           Digestive issues


There are numerous factors that cause hormonal imbalances, such as medical history, stress levels, diet, genetics, and exposure to toxins in the environment. Most common contributors of hormonal imbalance are:

–           Being obese or overweight

–           Gut issues and food allergies

–           Increased levels of inflammation caused by unhealthy diet and sedentary life

–           Poor sleep quality and lack of rest

–           Genetic susceptibility

–           Exposure to toxins, cigarettes, alcohol, pesticides, viruses, and chemicals


  1. Holy basil for reducing anxiety

Holy basil is a proven herb that reduces cortisol levels (the stress hormone). The extract of holy basil has the ability to reduce the levels of anxiety, treats memory issues, sexual issues, exhaustion, and sleep quality.

  1. Myrtle for improved sleep quality

It has been used as a hypnotic herb and a sedative by some cultures, but in order to discover many other effects, there have been conducted numerous studies on animals.  The findings of the studies were very positive in improving sleeping and anti-anxiety properties of myrtle.

  1. Clary sage for healthier menopause

Clary sage is known for the ability to reduce the levels of cortisol and it also decreases the thyroid hormones.

Additionally, clary sage can increase the levels of estrogen in women, who have menopausal symptoms.

  1. Thyme for preventing breast cancer

Evaluating the effects of a few herbs extracts on breast cancer, in recent vitro study was found that the thyme is the most appropriate herb that was able to act with progesterone.

The findings of the studies have also shown that the thyme had the perfect effects in preventing the function of the progesterone and inhibiting the breast cancer cell growth.

  1. Sandalwood for lowering stress

The assessed effects of aromatherapy on women, who go through breast biopsy were positive in calming effects and reduced anxiety. They were told to try a combination of two essential oils – lavender oil and sandalwood.

  1. Ashwagandha

It is a proven herb of regulating hormonal balances and is very beneficial for the thyroid as it promotes elimination of free radicals. It can be also used to enhance an overactive thyroid gland and helps in overcoming adrenal fatigue.

  1. Fennel

Autoimmune reactions and thyroid disorders can be caused by gut health issues, which can be calmed down by using fennel as it enhances digestive processes, and improves metabolism.

You can pour 1 – 2 drops of the oil in lukewarm water or tea or rub two drops of fennel essential oil on the stomach.

  1. Lavender

Lavender oil significantly treats depression, anxiety, stress and mood swifts which actually enhances emotional balance. Additionally, it is used to improve sleep quality, which in turn helps to regulate hormones.


Here are the numerous ways of using essential herbal oils:

–          Mixed with a carrier oil (coconut oil) can be applied to the skin

–          Can be added several drops to a warm bath

–          Used as a diffuser