The Lower-Body Exercise to Lift Your Butt and Tone Your Thighs

Explaining to you that only one exercise daily may tone your body to a level of unrecognition, may sound so strange and impossible to you. Today’s article is here to prove you that performing only one exercise may be crucial in the process of toning your body.

Although the movement of the exercise is quite tough, it is worth for every sweat and struggle. This single exercise is a set of surrenders that will work your core, and strength your butt and legs. The same involves movements from kneeling to standing up over and over again, which will increase your heart rate. We all know that increased heart rate means more sweating and burning more and more calories.

So get prepared for the following exercise, physically and mentally, because a lot of effort you need to put into this changing body-levels.

Before performing the exercise, it is suggested to find some padding for your knees. If you want to double the cushion, then fold the yoga mat in half.

So here are the detailed instructions for the exercise. Follow the same and perform the exercise correctly for astonishing results.

Besides the written instructions, clear and detailed pictures with every move are presented to you, too.

Start the exercise by standing on both your feet. Your hands should be placed behind your head and your elbows need to be wide strengthen. Make the first movement by driving your right knee carefully to the ground.

Next, you need to drive your left knee to the ground too, so that you will kneeling with your body on the floor. In order your body to be in a constant stable position, squeeze your glutes and be sure that your chest is up.

At the next stage, raise your right foot off the ground and position the same in front of you. Then, in order to stand up, drive your left foot to front and press through your right heel.

As you will finish with these movements, it means that you have completed one repetition. Start the next repetition by switching sides i.e. start the exercise by driving your left knee to the ground.

For effective results you need to perform two or three sets of 12 repetitions for each side. Perform the exercise every day and after a very short period of time you will be astonished by the results that you will achieve.

It is true that the exercise is more difficult in comparison with other exercises, but once you have decided that you will stay strong through this process of body toning, you should not give up in the middle of the process.