The Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Very often many people seem to think that weight loss and fat losses are one and the same thing. However, there are fundamental differences between these two. From the beginning of dieting and exercising, you don’t automatically lose fat and you can even lose muscles sometimes. If you want to start losing fat, you should fully understand both processes – losing weight and burning fat.

Some of the people will even start their journey on the wrong foot, as a result of this mental approach to the problem, because they can easily check how much they weigh, but most of them don’t know how much of that weight is lean muscle mass, and how much is the body fat.

Sometimes even losing 50 pounds, by dieting, cutting down the calories and doing a lot of cardio exercises doesn’t mean that your percentage of the body fat decreases.

Other mistakes that people usually make is counting only the number of calories they get. However, by reducing calories, some people will opt for cutting out an entire food group, which may result in losing muscles instead of fat.

Incorporate Heavy Resistance Training

Cardio is not the only way to trim your physique, looking smaller and in better form. If you really want to melt those fat layers, the best way is to incorporate heavy resistance training in your routine. That will tone your muscles and increase their size, not just what the cardio exercises doing, turning your body into a great calorie furnaces.

By toning your muscles, you start showing them under your skin. When you reduce the fat and water quantity between your skin and your muscles, you emphasize the muscles.

The best way for toning your muscles is when you include gymnastic exercises or heavy weight workouts. By increasing your muscle size your fat burning efforts are increasing, too. If the muscles are larger, they’ll need more energy to function and the calorie expenditure simply raises.

Tailor Your Diet

Don’t forget for your proper dieting as it is a very important factor of your fat losing process. You should be careful when dieting, to not completely cut out an important food group, thinking that by avoiding it you’ll reduce the calorie intake. Sometimes it can do more damage to your body than help you lose excess fat.

When, by doing an excessive amount of cardio exercises, you drastically decrease your calorie intake, you may end up losing muscles instead of fat. So, you should provide your body with fuel for the muscles, because this is the way how you can build them up.

You also have to be careful, when you tend to lose weight do not affect the losing of the muscle mass. In that process, the number of the scale are really important, but to some extent. You should be aware how much lean muscle mass you have.

What is a conclusion of everything above?

Next time you want to shed some pounds:

–           Don’t think about that as weight losing process, but as fat losing process

–           Your dieting and training should be tailored to help you in melting down fat

–           Include weightlifting training in your routine,

–           Take it easy on the cardio

–           Eat a balanced diet (protein, carbs, and fats). As those three ingredients are balanced you can achieve stable and thorough weight loss.