The Best Lunch Foods for Weight Loss

If you are tending to lose the extra weight on your body, the lunch may be the greatest problem facing with.

It may happen to be busy most of the time and not have enough time to prepare something healthy for lunch, so you are eating anything that comes first to you, and you doing that at your desk. In fact, there are certain foods that are very easy and speedy to be prepared, and in the same time are very healthy. The same will help you in the process of burning fats and achieving of your weight-loss goal. Guess what: probably you know all of those foods and I bet that you love them too.

Here there are:

  1. Avocado

The avocado is a type of food that you can combine practically with every time of dish. Whatever you eat a salad, or a grain bowl, or a sandwich feel free to combine it with avocado. The benefits of avocado are endless. In 2017 a research published in Phytotherapy Research was analysing the effects of the avocado on different metabolic syndromes, such as heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The ultimate results showed that eating avocado on a daily basis may reduce the blood pressure, keeping the arteries clean, decrease the risk of diabetes, and losing weight. The avocado is rich with antioxidants such as carotenoids, fatty acids, vitamins, and some other components that have a great role on the hunger hormone leptin. This means that if you consume avocado the leptin of the same will keep you full most of the time, and when you will feel hunger you can satisfy the same with only one snack.

  1. Whole Grains

If you tend to lose the extra weight and burn the extra calories, then you will need to exchange the refined grains that are consisted in the white bread with whole grains that are consisted in the 100% whole-wheat bread. So the next time when you will prepare a sandwich for yourself be sure that the same is made out of 100% whole-wheat bread. The whole grains will turn on your metabolism and alarm your body to absorb less calories. One of the recent studies in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition confirms that consuming whole grains every day will help to you to lose around 100 extra calories daily. This is thanks to the fibres that are contained in the whole grains. The same affects the metabolism and digestion. Other foods rich with whole grains despite the whole-wheat bread are brown rice, oatmeal, farro, barley, and popcorn. So tomorrow try to have some of these foods for lunch and start losing your extra weight.

  1. Romaine Lettuce

Talking about green healthy food, kale is a good option, but the Romaine lettuce is the best. If you cannot get enough of it do not be afraid, because you may eat as much as you want. One research published in PLOS Medicine in 2015 was examining certain fruits and vegetables and their effect on the weight-loss. The ultimate results of the same popped up the leafy greens as the most effective ones. The research showed that eating leafy greens with every portion daily, in a period of four years will help you to lose half pound of your additional weight. These leafy greens, including the Romaine lettuce are rich with fibres and have a low glycemic load which helps your organism to stay full most of the time. The same is good for the blood sugar because controls the same. If you are not lover of a Romaine lettuce, you may switch it with kale, spinach, or head lettuce.

  1. Apple

When you fell eating something sweat after lunch, do not go for candies or chocolates. Forget on them and switch the same with an apple. One research published in Food Chemistry reveals that apples are rich with polyphenols, a non-digestible fibre and plant compounds that is beneficial for the good bacteria in the gut. The same protects your organism from obesity too. The research showed that the Granny Smith type of apple is especially rich with these obesity-fighting qualities. If you are eating one apple or pear every day in a period of four years you may lose up to 1.25 pounds. On the other side, if you eat three apples daily during a period of 12 weeks you may lose even to 2.7 pounds. The apple can be combined with different foods. You can slice the same into small pieces and add to a salad, wraps, or sandwiches.

  1. Milk

Believe it or not the milk may have a great influence in your weight loss. Many researches showed that consuming greater amounts of diary may lower the BMI and the fat. If you are consuming milk and yogurt very often, the same will lead to a smaller waistline. Despite the benefits in terms of weight loss, the milk has another greater benefits too. The same improves the blood pressure and the insulin sensitivity, lowers the biomarkers of inflammation, and balance the higher levels of the protein named adiponectin. We all know the milk is a good source of calcium and strengthens the bone-minerals. If you want to flatten your stomach, then start drinking milk, but without chocolate additives and flavoured tastes.