The Best F*cking Guided Meditation You’ve Ever Heard

For those of you who are exposed to stress and nervous situations during your everyday life, meditation can have vast impact on the way how you view things and may change your view upon the world around you. Believe it or not, the meditation is not just a hippie way of life, is much more than that and you will benefit from the same.

Greater is the number of studies which have been undertaken in order the connection among the meditation and the brain to be researched. The ultimate results of those studies have shown that the correlation between the meditation and the reduction of gray matter in the amygdala is quite strong. Amygdala is defined as the brain area which is related with emotional and anxiety regulation. Additionally, these studies have proved that the meditation is the one that lengthens the attention span at one’s brain, decreases the insomnia up to 42 percentages, and lower the level of stress.

Practising meditation for only two months, constantly, will change the chemistry of your brain and will turn you into more resilient person when difficult and anxious situations occur.

It might sound to you difficult and hilarious to a certain level to sit still for 10 minutes, not doing anything at all and meditating, but those 10 minutes of relaxation later will have surprisingly great benefit upon your body and soul completely.

If you have tried to practise meditation previously and the same looked so boring, far-out, and strange to you the following article will suggest to you a nice calming video created by Jason Headley. The same is lasting no more than 3 minutes and will prepare your body to inhale all the good inside your body and to exhale all the bed from your body.

So find 3 minutes of your precious time and get prepared to renew your body and soul with this NSFW-language-filled video.