The Best Exercises to Get Rid of Double Chin Fat & Neck Fat

The double chin issue is something that many people are facing with. It is true that is unpleasant and looks unattractive, but good thig is that may be removed with minimal effort too. It should not mean that if you have double chin it means that you are having problems with overweight. Some people are having double chin simply as a result of weak muscles. Talking about overweight and obesity, the latest researches showed that 20% of the American population is facing with this problem.

As mentioned previously, vanishing the double chin may be quite easy process. All you have to do is just strengthen your neck muscles. Today’s article will present to you several exercises that will help you in the process of toning your jaw muscles, neck, and chin. Although all of the exercises look ridiculous, the same are quite effective and the ultimate results of the same are astonishing.

As all other muscles in our body that need to be trained in order to get strengthened, the same is the case with the neck muscles too.

Following is a video of a lady that will give you detailed instructions and explanations about the moves you will need to perform in order your double chin to disappear. Although you may laugh at the beginning of the video, you will be grateful to the same after a short period of time.

The good thing about these exercises is that they can be performed practically everywhere and anytime. You may save some time and practise them even while you are in the bathroom.

Each of the chin exercises need to be performed 5-7 times a day in order to feel the effectiveness of the same.

Following are the detailed explanations of the exercises.

  1. Warm-Up

Start the chin workout by simply moving your chin towards the front and then towards the back.

  1. Spade

This exercise is great for strengthen of the chin muscles.

Start the exercise by opening your mouth wide. Then you will have to bend the lower part of the lip towards inside. At the end the mouth needs to be closed and you will perform that by pulling the lower jaw to the forwards, something similar as the movement you are doing while you are scooping the water.

  1. Relax Muscles

Start the exercise by easily moving the jaw up and down. You need to perform this movement after each exercise.

  1. Kiss of the Ceiling

This exercise is good for strengthening the neck muscles.

Start the exercise by raising your face towards the ceiling. Then perform a kiss towards the ceiling.

  1. Touch the Nose

First you will have to stick out your tongue and then try to touch your nose with the tip of the tongue.

  1. Resistance

Start the exercise by placing your elbows on the table. Then place your chin on the fists. Make a movement by driving your chin against the fists, so that you will try to overcome the resistance that is created.

  1. Triangle of Youth

This exercise is great for shaping a perfect oval face. Start the exercise by turning your head to the left. Then the lower jar should be pulled towards the straining muscles of the neck. Then you will need to bring your neck to the right and perform the same movement as with the left side.