Tabata: The Exercise That Burns More Fat in 4 Minutes Than Exercising for 1 Hour

When you are tired of the same routines done recently, or not satisfied with them you can try something new that will be more challenging.

The workouts that we are offering is Tabata workouts that are emerging as a more convenient and rewarding. Maybe that will sound strange, but these workouts only take 4 minutes and improve your fitness and energy levels significantly more than a 60-minute workout. In addition, it improves your health.

How Does Tabata Improve Your Fitness?

It is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), so, you’re doing hardest for a short period of time. For instance, you have to do 20 seconds of hard work followed by 10 seconds of rest, continuing to 4 minutes of total time (8 circuits).

Most of Tabata workouts include four activities that are repeated twice, but the key element is to push yourself as hard as you can for 4 minutes.

This kind of HIIT is a great alternative for those who are struggling to find free time but still want to be in better shape.

From the beginning, you should do some regular interval training. It involves a variation of speeds and strengths. When you finish with the interval training you can ease yourself into Tabata by doing half of the workout (2 minutes and just 4 exercises), but be careful to do the exercises properly, to avoid any risk of injuries.

Tabata Tutorial

When you are ready to start, you should find the workouts that push you to the limits (involve weights, rubber bands, or just your body weight). If it’s too easy for you, try doing them with more weight or quicker. You can keep track of time by using downloaded a Tabata timer on your phone.

Watch this video:

The requirements (exercises) of this workout:

–           1st Squat and drive up into a fake jump

–           2nd A rocking plank or a standard plank

–           3rd Jumping jacks or running in place

–           4th A mountain climber exercise

You can get in these workouts on a daily basis, even if you’re pressed for time, or you are a lack of equipment.

Weekly Tabata Plan

The best way is to do a different Tabata workout every day of the week, which will keep you fresh and to get maximum benefits. Remember, use your whole body to get as many muscles engaged as possible.


The Exercises:

–           Squat and drive up into a fake jump

–           A rocking plank or a standard plank

–           Jumping jacks or running in place

–           A mountain climber exercise


This can be a simple Tabata workout that can help you get focused rather than figuring out complicated moves.

The Exercises: – Repeat them eight times

–           Sprint – 20 seconds

–           Jump rope – 20 seconds


Push yourself and indeed improve your fitness. Equipment needed: a box and a dumbbell.

The Exercises:

–           Box Jump pushups

–           V-Sit Ups

–           Plank alternating leg lifts

–           Kettlebell (or Dumbbell) Swings

Watch this video to do it right:


Even your muscles ache but try to push yourself a little further.

The Exercises:

–           Calf Raises

–           Burpees

–           Leg raises

–           Lateral Raises

Watch this video to do it right:


You can find here some familiar workouts with a challenge at the end.

The Exercises:

–           Squats

–           Crunches

–           Sprints

–           Renegade Row

Watch this video for detailed instructions:

Friday – Thigh day. 

The Exercises:

–           Squat Jump turns

–           Stairs

–           Lunge with High Knees

–           Speed skaters


Here is an all ground workout.

The exercises:

–           Spiderman Pushup

–           Sit ups

–           Froggers

–           Russian Twist

Follow these instructions to do it right:

There are so many satisfied variations to Tabata workouts you’ll never get bored.