Study Finds People Who Sleep In And Snooze Their Alarms Are Actually More Intelligent

We all know that staying up till late in the night and then waking up quite early in the morning is a silly way to exhaust your organism, the study conducted by these two scientists showed something else. The same reveals that those you are staying up until late in the night and wake up early in the morning may find much more creative ways of solving their problems.

Additionally, the research showed that if you are among those persons who are avoiding the alarm in the morning and pressing the snooze button constantly, it does not mean that you are lazy and irresponsible person. Contrary, it means that you are listening to the needs of your body which classifies you among the ambitious persons, who are most of the time leaders, not followers.

Although great percentage of the people are struggling in the morning with leaving the bed and start with the new day, the study implemented by Perina and Kanazawa actually finds the positive outcome of that morning struggle. Although the study was implemented to persons defined as night owls, the ultimate results showed that those who are struggling with the snooze button in the morning are actually doing that because they know to recognize the needs of their bodies.

On the other hand, those persons who are waking up early in the morning without the need to snooze the alarm, t is important to utilize their mornings according to the most productive periods they have during the day. They must give their best in the morning or during the day because they are aware that cannot function very well during the afternoons and evenings. Thus, they should not leave their tasks for the afternoons or evenings because they will never finish them. All they have to do is just tailor their day according to the part of the day when they are the most productive.

This study is supported and widen with another study which was implemented by the University of Southampton. In the second study the authors are making a comparison of the socio-economic conditions of men and women in correlation with their sleeping patterns. The interesting part of the study are the ultimate results that showed that those people who are going to bed before 11 p.m. and wake up after 8 a.m. in the morning are much more productive rather than those people who are staying up till late in the night or wake up quite early in the morning. Additionally, these people who are still sleeping after 8 a.m. are running much happier and comfortable life than the others who are waking up early in the morning.

Although this fact may sounds as challenging one for the night owls, this does not mean that we need to spend most of our time in bed. The latest researches showed that people who are spending more than 12 hours in bed during the day or night are at a higher risk to die faster in near future. There is no a general sleeping pattern for all of us. All we have to do is listen to our body and follow the needs of the same according to the unique sleeping patterns.

So if you tend to spend all the extra minutes at your bed the next morning, make sure that you will not stay in the bed all day, missing all the duties and responsibilities that you have for the that day. As said before, you must be aware that every person in his own individual and functions and reacts uniquely. Thus, these studies are not reflection of all persons who tend to sleep in. If you think that you need to spend some extra minutes in your bed this morning, do that, but bear in mind all the responsibilities that you will need to finish that day, and give a chance to yourself to be best in what you are performing.