Strengthen Your Jiggly ARMS – Workout of 6 Dumbbell Exercises

Most ladies are obsessed to keep their arms toned and fit and know well that it require extra effort. Doing extra exercises is a real formula to get rid of the jiggly arms, and to have best effects we recommend these six exercises, which target is to tone your biceps and triceps.

Resistance training is a perfect way for toning flabby arms, and you can use 3 lbs. dumbbells for each hand. The triceps comprise 2/3 of the arm and play a major role in how our arms appear. When the triceps are underdeveloped, they are wobbly and soft, but when they are strong and lean, the entire arm looks nice.

The following, Amber’s six exercises finally tone flabby arms. They are excellent and simple for any woman to master.

How many reps to do? – Three sets of 10 reps

 Here is the list of the exercises:

  1. Arm Circles
  2. Lateral Lifts
  3. Bicep Curls
  4. Military Press
  5. Overhead Triceps Extension
  6. Pulse Up

For detailed information watch the video bellow:

Only a few people naturally have perfect arms, for the others, toning the arms are the right way if they desire to look nice. Then, the small dumbbells give you comfortability there. All the models, celebrities, and famous persons work on their arm muscles, and why not you.