Strength vs. Cardio — Here’s How You Should Structure Your Workout

Most of the trainers will explain to you that a healthy workout routine consists of cardio, strength training and rest days well planned throughout the week, followed by a proper diet.

For those of you who love to double or have long sessions practicing or just need to maximize your time, the first you need to clarify is do you need to do first strength or cardio exercises.

According to Natalie Carey, certified trainer and sports nutritionist at DIAKADI Fitness, first you need is a strength training.

Fat Loss

When your goal is losing weight (specifically fat) weight training before your cardio session will give you major benefits, explains Natalie. She prefers to strength training because it increases the “afterburn effect.”

Having in mind that the resting metabolism rate is sensitive and your body is working to help your muscles recover, you should know that it results in an increased calorie burn long after the workout.

This meaning about the strength exercises is supported by Diana Chaloux, CPT and owner of the online personal training website HitchFit. She emphasized that strength training, utilizes glycogen (stored carbohydrates) in the body, to be used for fuel. According to Diana, the strength train should be done first and lower-intensity cardio train immediately after, which uses fat for fuel. Combining those exercises you will create an environment in your body conducive to fat metabolism. Before you get to your cardio session, your body will be kicked to burn fat at a higher rate than if you didn’t follow this order.

Injury Prevention

Discussing the injuries, it’s much easier to get injured while doing strength training, than doing cardio. The especially risk of injuries increases while doing strength training emphasized Natalie. If you are not preparing your body, you are in a poor form it can result in an injury, which will get you off track with your training goals.

Best to hit up those lunges, push-ups, kettlebell swings and when muscles are fresh!

Even in the case you are feeling energized and the effects of your cardio session are minor, your body was still put through the motions and energy stores were depleted.

You should have in mind how do you feel and do your best to know when it’s time to back off.

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