Start Healing Your Gut with This Probiotic Coconut Water, Step by Step

Have you ever tried coconut water kefir? Despite its delightful taste, the same have so many benefits over our bodies that I bet you did not know. The same has the nutrients that needs to be expected from the coconut water, but the amazing part is that is packed with the enzymes and probiotics from the water kefir. The greatest thing is that it has almost no sugar at all.

Many of you know the fact that ‘kefir’ is a Turkish term, but I bet that small is the number of you who know that the translation of the same is ‘feel good’. That is actually how you feel when drink this amazing probiotic.

This drink is listed among the fermented drinks. During the fermentation process of the same all of the ingredients get transformed into delicious and fizzy ones, that are making this drink so tasteful.

Today’s article will introduce to you the recipe for preparation of a basic coconut water kefir.

  1. The Recipe

The coconut water is naturally rich in electrolytes and potassium, which are great ingredients for fermentation of the kefir. Once you will ferment the kefir grains into a coconut water you may follow the process of doubling the volume of the same.

It is good to add some sugar to the coconut water kefir, because the same is good for the fermentation process. If you are a person who is running completely healthy lifestyle and have eliminated sugar out of your eating habits, do not add any sugar, just use the grains of the kefir so that you can make the basis of this drink. Make sure that the grains do not starve. If you decide to exclude the sugar from the recipe, make sure that you will taste the brew after 12-24 hours, depending on the temperature at which you have left the brew. If you decide to add some sugar, be sure that the content will be ready sooner.

– Time of preparation: 15 minutes;

– Time of fermentation: 1-5 days;

– Difficulty: medium;

– Shelf life: you can refrigerate the coconut water kefir up to 4 months

– Litres of content that you will get: 1 litre or 35fl oz./4cups.

The ingredients needed for this recipe are the following:

– 125 ml of pineapple juice or several slices of pineapple fruit;

– 3 tablespoons of raw sugar;

– 3 tablespoons of water kefir grains;

– 3 tablespoons of hot water;

– 1 dried fig;

– 1 litre (35fl oz./4 cups) of coconut water;

– pinch of salt.

The primary fermentation looks as this:

  1. Take a wide-mouth glass jar of 1.5 litres. Pour the sugar in the jar and then add hot water to the sugar. Then you may add the coconut water, the sea salt, and the dried fig, and start stirring the content so that the same may combine.
  2. Now you may add the water kefir grains to the content in the jar and covet the jar with a piece of cheesecloth. In order to secure the same use an elastic band.
  3. Leave the jar at a room temperature away from a direct sunlight and leave the entire content to ferment for around 12-48 hours, all depending on the room temperatures.

The bottling looks as this:

  1. Remove the dried fig from the liquid.
  2. In the opening of 1 litre glass bottle with a tight-fitting lid put a funnel. At the top of the funnel place a strainer. Through a usage of strainer, pour the coconut water kefir content into the bottle.
  3. Then you may add 125ml of pineapple juice, or instead of juice you may add pineapple fruit into the bottle.
  4. In order to re-use the water kefir grains, put the same aside in the strainer.

The secondary fermentation looks as this:

  1. Seal the bottle lid very tightly and put the bottle in a warm place where it can build carbonation. This process may take 12-72 hours depending on the temperature where you left the bottle.
  2. Every day burp the coconut water kefir in order certain pressure to be released, by opening the lid very carefully and then tightening the same again.
  3. The content is ready to be drank.

When you have decided that the coconut water kefir is fizzy to the level that you like, which means that the same may have small spritz up to ferocious fizz, up to you, place it in the refrigerator so that you will slow its fermentation process. Then enjoy in this tasteful cold drink.