Sip Up, Slim Down: The Right Way to Drink Green Tea for Weight Loss

I bet that you will have a mini celebration when you will read from these article about the benefits that the green tea has upon your body, such as turning your fat-fighting metabolism into a high gear. Additionally, there will be no happier person on this Planet when you will read the ultimate results of one study which are confirming that people who are exercising regularly and drink green tea at the same time, lose twice as much weigh in comparison with those who are only exercising and not drinking green tea.

I have started buying everything that was containing green tea, starting from ice cream up till noodles, and guess what? I got fooled. The weight-loss benefits of the green tea are in the epigallocatechin gallate, which is defined as a health boosting antioxidant and the same may be felt only if you are consuming the green tea properly. All those foods that I was fooled by were foods with extract of green tea and they did not have those benefits.

Once I have experienced this I have started asking myself a bunch of questions regarding the green tea. Type of questions as: what kind of green tea should I drink? Does the temperature of the green tea have affection upon its potency? My brain got fulfilled with so many questions and not a single answer. To solve all my dilemma, I contacted the nutrition expert Keri Glassman and she gave me answer to everything.

Following are all my questions that were bothering and the same are followed by the answers that I got from the nutrition expert. They might be from great benefit to you as well.

  1. If I drink flavoured green tea do I get the same benefits as when drinking just a green tea?

The addition of the flavours does not lessen the benefits of the green tea. It is not harmful to your organism to drink cranberry green tea or pomegranate green tea, until those flavours include sugar. If the flavoured green tea has sugar, then it means intake of more calories in your organism. That is why we need to avoid green tea that has sugar inside or any other artificial sweeteners. Try the Numi’s Jasmine Green Tea, it is so delightful.

  1. Is it important which brand of green tea I am taking?

There is a great difference from one green tea to another, in terms of the quality of the leaves and the number of additional ingredients, which somehow are unnecessary. Every time when you are buying a green tea, take a deep look at the label of it and see if that brand of green tea that you are going to buy has all the natural ingredients that the green tea should have. Also pay attention the same not to have artificial preservatives, for instance Yogi or Traditional Medicinals. Bear in mind that the green tea is very healthy drink, but it is not a significant source of vitamins.

  1. Am I allowed to drink iced green tea?

The iced green tea is the same green tea as the regular one, with exception that the same may be diluted with water. You may experience the weight-loss benefits of the green tea to the fullest when the same is served hot. A great tip of preparing the green tea is not to bring the water to boil, but to take it from the heat just before to start boiling. Then pour the water over the tea bag and let the tea bag stays in the water for about 2-4 minutes.

  1. Does the green tea have an expiring date?

The green tea cannot get spoiled, but as with the other food too, the fresher, the better. Once you will open the package of green tea, the tea bags inside need to be drank during a period of 6 months, because after 6 months some of the antioxidant powers of the green tea may be lost.

  1. If I am not in the ‘green tea’ will the green tea extracts do the trick?

While you are on-the-go and no time to prepare a green tea, the green tea extract into a cup of water will do the job in terms of getting the benefits from the green tea that your body needs. Everything depends on the concentration of the formula. For instance, 1ml of green tea extract may allow to your body to gain the same benefits as 8-10 cups of antioxidant-rich green tea, roughly.