Shrink Your Muffin Top – 5 Moves That Eliminate It

If your six-pack has turned into a muffin top, it is the time to start the re-shaping it. The diet is a first significant factor that will help in reducing, or better to eliminate it. You should stay away from sugary drinks (even off all sorts of diet) and replace them with water. Forget about your chips and sweets and take plenty of vegetables and fruits.

However, the diet should be combined with physical activities or doing some workouts, and the effects are improved. The 30 minutes of cardio daily, and three times weekly, will be the time which you need to look again as you desired.

The set of nine moves below scheduled at the time mentioned, along with the proper diet, will kill all extra materials around your waistline. The target of these exercises is core and stimulating the heart rate to help to burn off extra calories.

Warming up

10 – 15 minutes before starting the workout is a first that should be done, no excuse to skip it. Muscles need to be warmed in order to prevent any injury. You can practice treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical master if you are in the gym, or walk, run or bike outside.

1.Stability Ball V-Pass:

The ball is light, however when your abs have to support it the sweating starts, in no time!

Recommended schedule

–              For beginner – 12 reps in 3 sets (bend your knees if necessary)

–              Advanced – 15 reps in 3 sets

It is a great mix up of the traditional ab exercises and affects your entire core.

2.Plank Tuck Twist with Stability Ball

It will really bring the sweat! There are engaged arms, legs, and abs. It even seems to defy gravity by engaging your core.

Recommended for:

–              Beginner  – 10 reps per side in 3 sets

–              Advanced – 12-15 reps per side in 3 sets

The targets of this move are your arms, shoulders, back, core, and lower body.

3.Mountain Climbers

Your heart will be really cranked by it! It is important to bring your knees as far up to your chest as you can (no kicking yourself!). The speed should be as fast as possible, to sweat more!

Recommended for:

–              Beginner – 10-20 reps per side in 3 sets

–              Advanced – 20-40 reps per side in 3 sets

Your heart rate gets up for a great cardio burst.

4.Weighted Russian Twist

It works core muscles and obliques!

To the twist can be added a kettlebell or dumbbell to make it harder and more effective in burning calories! Your back should be as straight as possible in order to avoid injury.

Recommended for:

–              Beginner – 12 reps  per side in 3 sets

–              Advanced – 15 reps per side in 3 sets

Benefits – engages your lower abs, obliques, thighs, and lower back.

5.Side Crunch

They are a great way to target obliques. While crunching up, curl from your stomach, rather than your shoulders.

Recommended for:

–              Beginner –10 reps per side in 3 sets

–              Advanced – 15 reps per side in 3 sets

It engaged your obliques, upper and lower abs.