Relieve Any Pain by Pressing These Points on Your Palm

The alternative medicine gained greater popularity in nowadays among the people, as it managed to find its place in this world of the terrific scientific findings and high tech.

Recent discussions and debates have shown many positive opinions, but most of the people are still not believing that it can do much when it comes to treatment and therapies.

Comparing the alternative and western medicine in the effects of relieving the pain, some advantages are given to the alternative, as it has great powers in relieving pain

According to some health experts, the combination of these two types of healing is probably the best option and can be applied to every known health issue.

Reflexology, as a branch of alternative medicine, has a lot to do with alternative medicine. In most of the cases, it helps in disappearing of pain.

The main principles of alternative medicine are based on stimulating and determining certain points that share a strong connection with distinctive parts of the body. It is already experienced by stimulating specific points on the palm that relieve an aching or dysfunctional organ.

By, alternating of pressing particular parts of your hand for 5 seconds and releasing the pressure for 3 seconds, you will manage to do it.

Here are the connectivity of the particular points with your other parts of the body>


In this article, we are also presenting you a video of Deborah Flanagan, reflexologist, who was the guest in Dr Oz’s show. She is introducing the specific points on your feet and hands and by inviting guests from the audience to share their problems.

So, without a doubt, try this mysterious method to see how it is effective.