Rebecca Naturally Lost 100 Pounds by Adopting These 3 Totally Doable Habits

Rebecca Grafton, a student at the end of her college realizes that her weight reached the highest level than ever before. She was living on her own, cooking meals that were not were healthy, and was drinking too much alcohol. All this resulted with an over sized body and face that she could not recognize herself on her own photos.

In May 2013 she booked a trip to Jamaica for January 2014. That was the right time when she realizes that her body has an extra weight and that she does not want to ruin her journey to Jamaica by complaining on the beach how fat is she. She wanted to relax during this journey and when she will look back all the pictures to see a beautifully shaped body.

At this period Rebecca’s weight was 246 pounds. In only two years she managed to lost impressive 100 pounds through three things she got stick to.

  1. Tracking Calories

The first thing she did was downloading the application titled My Fitness Pal. Through this application she was able to track how much calories are entering into her body. More precisely, the application was setting a calorie goals for her, so she was following these goals and was adding all the calories that she was burning during her exercises. The application goals helped her to lose 95 pounds. Afterwards she started with the ‘If It Fits Your Macros’ diet plan through which she exchanged the tracking of the calories with tracking of the grams of protein, fats, and carbs that were entering into her body. For each macronutrient she was setting specific goals and she was sticking to it.

  1. Eating More Freely Every Now and Then

Rebecca allowed to give to herself little breaks at the end of each week because she was following the ‘80/20 rule of diligently tracking’. This means that she could have exceptions at the end of the week. She explains that these exceptions make her to stay on the track of healthy living the rest of the time. According to her it is great to follow your diet plan consistently, but if you do not allow to your organism a short break to consume what really wants, then you can satisfy your cravings fully.

The following schedule is how one typical day of eating looks for Rebecca:

– Her breakfast may be consisted of: coffee with sugar or creamer; scrambled vegetarian white eggs with spinach and shredded Brussels sprouts, topped with low-fat cheese; and non-fat Greek yogurt mixed with powdered peanut butter.

– Her lunch may be consisted of roasted green beans and carrots with grilled chicken.

– After the lunch a snack follows. The same may be consisted of: bagel that is with low calories, topped into a Laughing Cow cheese wedge or a cream cheese with less calories.

– Her dinner is consisted of small baked potato, roasted asparagus, and a salmon.

– After the dinner she could allow to herself a chocolate protein bar as a dessert.

  1. Working Out Nearly Every Day

Every day during the week Rebecca is practising. Here is what her working plan includes every day of the week:

– On Monday she is practising barbell strength weights for one hour. Afterwards she is making a cardio on the Stair Master for 25 minutes.

– On Tuesday she is having a 50-minutes Spine class.

– On Wednesday she is practising cardio on the Stair Master for 45 minutes and after that she is making free weights for 20 minutes.

– On Thursday she is practising at home, making different types of cardio and strength workouts;

– On Friday she is having a Spin class for 30 minutes which is followed by 30-minutes barre.

– On Saturday she is practising on the Stair Master for one hour and then she is on the weight machines for 30 minutes.

– On Sunday she is whether practising or is taking a rest day, depending on her mood. If she decides to practise, she usually runs around 10 miles.

She admits that the craziest thing about everything was seeing how her body weight numbers were decreasing on the weight scale. All her life she was quite heavy person, so this change was imaginary to her. She explains that even her fingers got thinner, going from size 10+ to 7. For the first time in her life she faced with a flat stomach and the possibility to wear bikini in public.

This regime makes her to gain another positive characteristic and that is cooking. She developed a passion for cooking food that is healthy, but in the same time delicious and good looking. Another advantage is that she started to enjoy in the fitness finally. During the high-school days she had abhorrence towards the gym classes and all the running that they were performing, complaining that she was always finishing them as the last one. Nowadays she managed to complete even to marathons.

Rebecca explains that the motivation is crucial one during attempt as this. She managed to stay motivated at the beginning of her regime, which was the most critical period. She looks on the success as an addiction. Nowadays, at the age of 27, she tells how her journey had impact on many people. During the period of elimination of her extra weight, Rebecca was taking before-and-after pictures of herself and posting the same on Instagram, so that the people be aware of the differences that anyone can make. On her Instagram account titled as My Girlish Whims can be found a healthy recipes as well sweaty pictures of her exercise sessions.

As she was progressing wither healthy journey for reducing the extra weight of her body, more and more people started to follow her on Instagram. Today she has 137,000 followers who can read different tips for healthy living and weight loss given by Rebecca.

She became even a great inspiration for number of women who are sending her messages explaining that she was the one that motivated them to step into the gym for the first time or change their eating habits. Some of them achieved great goals and lost 10, 20, and even 100 pounds just by following her story and her way of exercising and dieting.

Being able to be followed by so many people, seeing so many people accepting her life style, and losing so many pounds as her is what keeps Rebecca moving forward and being constantly motivated.

If you have decided that you need to start with the journey for losing weight, Rebecca advises you never to doubt in yourself that you are capable of achieving the same, and she is just an example of it. Her primary goal was to reduce her weight up to 190 pounds without returning the pounds. She had no idea that she will be lighter for 100 pounds. Once she reached the weight of 190 pounds realized that she is capable of moving forward and changing her entire lifestyle.

Rebecca is encouraging you that you are much stronger than you think. What you need to do is just motivate yourself, make the first step, and stay committed and on the track no matter how hard it looks like. You will face with ups and downs, but you must bear in mind that every Monday is a new start on which you need to stay committed. No matter how difficult it seems that it is and no matter how many times you screw up, you just need to stay positive, and you will see and feel progress eventually, suggests Rebecca.