9 Protein Rich Foods That Can Help You Lose Weight

Low-carbs aegetting very popular in nowadays, as many people are concerned when they attempt to lose weight. Carbs are crucial for health and weight loss, but they must be the right types of carbohydrates.

The intake of carbohydrates should be controlled, because the excess carbscause a diet disaster, which results in weight gain and health problems. One of the biggest side effects of carbohydrate intake is that it triggers insulin and stores fat in your body and even prevents body from burning fat that is already stored.

The constantly elevated levels of insulin cause a metabolic disorder or chronic ingestion of nutritionally-empty dietary carbohydrates, and then the body stores fat and blocks fat from being used as energy. This is how metabolic situation prevents weight loss, but promotes weight gain, which can result to be fatigue and low of energy.

If you want to reduce both calories and carbohydrates, you have to reduce nutritionally-empty carbohydrates such as: processed junk foods, sugar, and white flour products.

You should be focused on vegetables, as they are complex carbohydrates that burns ‘slow’ and don’t spike your blood sugar. The best of those vegetables are: broccoli, green beans, eggplant, onions, red bell peppers, lettuce, onions, asparagus,mushrooms and many more. It is also, well – known that excess starchy ‘slow’ foods such as brown rice, sweet potatoes orlentils are metabolized slowly.

The problem with carbs begins when there’s excess intake of starchy carbohydrates and refined carbohydrates such as crackers, candy, cookies, bread, bagels, and packaged orprocessed foods.

Like carbs, protein is an important nutrient for leaner body andweight loss. Combining protein and healthy fat with reduced carbohydrate intake, reduces appetite, boosts metabolism, stops cravings and hunger, and transforms several weight-regulating hormones.

If there is no adequate amount of protein in the diet,when you try to lose weight, your body will lose both fat andmuscle. The protein is essential to hold on muscle as it burns fat, which means that the more muscle you have your metabolism is stronger.

The formula of success is to reduce excess carbs intake and add more protein to every meal to lose weight.

What is the best way of increasing intake of protein to your diet, you’ll read in the article bellow.

Here are 9 ways how to add More Protein:

  1. Eat Greek Yogurt

By choosing the Greek yogurt you’ll get twice the protein and half the calories of the traditional yogurt.

  1. Add Protein Powder

In order to get the protein to keep you hunger free, you could add plain or flavored protein powder to other foods – like smoothiesor oatmeal.

  1. Stock Up On Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese in 1 cup contains enormous 28 grams of protein. You can mix it with low-sugar fruits such berries and sprinkle some chia seeds and almonds on top.

  1. Consume Lean Meat

Lean meat is a good source of protein with a lower calorie and fat content. This is why lean meats are popular amongst people following low calorie and low fat diets

You can eat skinless chicken and turkey and red meat (pork chops, with the fat trimmed off)

  1. Start Your Day With Eggs

Eggs, also belong to the group of foods that are rich in protein.

Scientists found that 2 eggs in the morning stopcravingsand hunger for hours.

  1. Add Protein To Salad

Salads as a healthy foods, can be make even better and richer if you add protein in them. You can enrich them by adding sunflower seeds, garbanzo beans,nuts or a sliced hard-boiled egg or chicken, all perfect sources of protein.

  1. Snack On Nuts

Nuts, similar to avocados, are rich with heart-healthy fats. However, you can be careful to not overdue it as it can increase serious calories—and diet damage. A one-ounce serving of nuts contains 135 calories.

Seeds andnuts are also, a great source of protein that will help stop cravings by keeping blood sugar in balanced levels.

  1. Eat Fish

As we already mentioned above, when you are on a weight loss diet, it is essential to incorporate a good source of lean protein that is relatively low in calories and that can be exactlymost of the types of fish.

Studies have shown that fish can be a part of a calorie controlled weight loss diet, because it enhances weight loss.

Fish is also an excellent source of lean protein, especially the wild-caught fish.You canbake, broil or grill fish, as you desire.

  1. Add Plant-Based Protein Sources

Plants and veggies are a great source or protein, so you can incorporate beans,broccoli, brown rice, onions, artichokes, spinach andasparagus.