Press These Points: 18 Self-Help Tips For Sciatica That Truly Work

Sciatica is defined as back pain or nerve pain. The same is a common body issue to many people these days and it is the main reason for a job disability across the globe. Believe it or not, 1 of 10 people are affected by this body problem.

Regarding the US, the sciatica is treated as very serious health problem, since every 8 out of 10 Americans is experiencing this pain. The back and nerve pain is one of the main causes why Americans are getting addicted to painkillers after very short period of time. Believe it or not these painkillers which are classified among the opioid drugs, are leading cause of the greater number of drug overdose in the US.

Furthermore, the people who are suffering from back pain and depression or anxiety at the same time, are at greater risk to get addicted to opioid painkillers. Recently, the Medical News Todays has published a research that way lasting for 6 months, including 55 chronic lower back patients, diagnosed with anxiety or depression. Some of the participants were treated with morphine, other with oxycodone or a placebo. The ultimate results showed that the ones who were suffering from back pain in a combination with anxiety or depression experienced side-effects to the highest possible level. The more they got addicted to the painkillers the less relief in the back they were feeling.

A great number of the patients, around 75% were abusing the drugs they were receiving, and 50% less improvement in their back they have experienced.

Additionally, the ultimate results showed that two thirds of the patients are convinced the pain they are experiencing in their back is due to a specific incident on a specific day, for example lifting a heavy load somewhere in the near past.

Thus, the pain in the back may be trigged much earlier than the first symptoms to show up, through alcohol consumption, fatigue, sex, and making wrong movements while performing certain physical activities. The chronic back pain is usually caused among certain sport injuries and accidents, but through stress, obesity, inactivity, and poor body posture too.

The Epoch Times had implemented one study where they have found that 75% to 80% of the cases where people are facing with back pain may be resolved within 2-4 weeks, but the main issue is that the recovery cannot be accelerated.

Avoiding these painkillers, the sciatica may be cured to a certain level with the help of a combination of strictly limiting sitting and proper posture-correcting workout.

Firstly, once you will experience a back or nerve pain, it is from great importance not to panic and make sudden moves. All you have to do is just relax your body and mind. Do not allow your body to be overcome by anxiety or depression, because they diminish the inner body ability to heal itself.

Instead of swallowing painkillers at the same moment you will feel the back pain, first try to apply some ice to the affected area. You may go with chiropractic care and acupuncture too. The ginger, Boswellia, and curcumin are having pain-relieving characteristics, so you may apply some of them on your back too.

You must be aware that our brain is programed to remember every pain that lasts longer then several minutes, so be prepared that these experience with you back may be memorized in your central nervous system. Even when certain time will pass and your pain will be cured to a certain level, the memories of the same may become vivid from time to time. Thus, prepare your brain on these memories with some mind-body techniques and do not become victim of the same.

Interesting fact is that the sciatica may not be caused only by a back pain, the same may appear due to an irritation of the sciatic nerve, a pain that may be felt starting from the buttock, going down to the thighs and feet. If you decide to make some stretching exercises you may help yourself regarding this issue.

The nerve that is causing this pain is running through the piriformis. The piriformis is a muscle that is placed deeply in the glutes. If the piriformis gets tightened, then it will have a negative influence on the sciatic nerve and the same will cause numbness and strong pain.

If you are facing with this issue that the following four exercises may help you to smoothen the symptoms, but not to lose it too:

            – Pigeon Pose;

            – Seated Hip Stretch;

            – Piriformis Stretch; and

            – Self-Trigger Point Therapy (you will need a foam roller or a tennis ball for this exercise).

Prevention Magazine made a small research and came up with a list of natural treatments that may have certain releasement towards your sciatica issues. This article is presenting to you that list, shortly:

  1. Acupuncture

The acupuncture may have a great relief and positive benefit upon your sciatica problem. This is something that is proven by one study which was published in the Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The research was implemented upon 30 examinees and 17 of them experienced great relief with the treatment of acupuncture.

  1. Pilates

One study published in a Spanish Health Journal reveals that the patients who were suffering from back pain, but were practising Pilates, experienced some relief. The same shared that the Pilates improved their body balance and soothed their pain. The older women shared that their risk of falling was reduced due to their Pilates classes.

  1. Chiropractic Care

One research done in 2010 proved that 60% of the patients in that research that are suffering from sciatica, but are receiving chiropractic care three times weekly during a period of one month, experienced the same effect at those patients that went under surgery.

  1. Yoga

Although it is medically proven that the yoga’s effects on the zone that are suffering from sciatica are less clear, one research published in the Journal Pain, showed that the gentle forms of the yoga may be beneficial to this type of pain. The examinees in the study who were facing with sciatica and were practising yoga for a period of 16 weeks felt pain relief, their disability was reduced by 77%, while their pain was reduced by 64%.

  1. Topical Preparations

If you are applying some liniments and anti-inflammatory oils, several time during the day, you may relieve the pain in your back. For instance you may try the St.John’s wort oil or the cayenne pepper creams.

  1. Avoid Sitting

Try to sit down as less as you can during the day. That is how you will drastically relieve the pain in your back. At the beginning you will feel a great pain while standing, but you will feel more comfortable later.

Our bodies are designed to move continuously, and sitting for one hour may be even too long and harmful for our body. That is why you need to try to stand up and move around very frequently.

  1. Trigger Point Massage

This treatment includes a firm pressure upon the glutes, lower back muscles, and piriformis, which sort of helps in the releasement of the static nerve and influence beneficial on your pain.

  1. Back Pain Prevention

It is much easier to prevent and never allow to feel a back pain, rather than to experience the same and constantly looking for different forms of treatments. Following are tips for pain-free life:

  • Exercise

Every physical activity is good for your muscles, because strengthen the same. The greatest advice is to practice several times a week. If you can exercise every day, then do it. If you want to tone your core muscles and boost your flexibility you may try yoga in a combination with high-intensity sessions.

  • Stay Hydrated

Never exhaust your body by not giving enough water to it. If you want to reduce stiffness and improve the work and height of your intervertebral disks then you must keep your body hydrated all the time.

  • Body Posture

Do not bend if there is no need of it. Avoid lifting heavy things. Support your weight and prevent your back from pain. When you are standing, your body weight should be balanced on both your lags.

  • Sleep

Pay attention to the position in which you are sleeping, because the same may increase the pain in your back. Choosing the firmest mattress has a great influence on the back pain too. So do not save money on a good mattress. Before going to bend, stretch your body and avoid sleeping on the side where you feel the pain. Also insufficient sleep may lead to increased pain in your neck and back.

  • Grounding

Believe it or not, but the grounding may decrease and soothes the back pain. The grounding leads to constant supply of electrons, and more electrons means boosted immune system. Certain researchers succeeded to prove that the electrons that are coming from the Earth have antioxidant influence on human’s body. That is why you should walk barefoot on a wet grass or sand every time when you will have an opportunity.

  • Vitamin D and K2 Levels

In order to prevent your bones from osteoporosis you need to increase the amount of the vitamin D that you are entering in your body, as well as the K2 levels.

  • K-Laser Treatment

Maybe you were not aware of the great benefits that the infrared treatment may have upon your body and pains that you are experiencing. The same treats pain, boosts the tissue healing, and fights inflammation. The Infrared treatment is very beneficial because the same stimulates the red blood cells in the body zones where the pain occurs, and leads to lymphatic return and venous improvement. All these benefits are due to the boosted microcirculation.

The K-Laser treatment is the only one treatment that may be listed as a Class 4 one. This is so because the same may reach areas as spine and hips thanks to the appropriate infrared wavelengths.

  • Avoid Smoking

Despite the many harmful effects that smoking has on your body, the same reduces the blood flow too to the lower part of your spine. Reduced blood flow in this area means degeneration of the spinal disks.

  • Address Psychological Factors

Very often, but not always, the pain may have psychological or emotional origins. If this is case with you, you need to address those feelings, and try the same not to have influence on your body and health.