People Who Ate This for Breakfast Lost 65% More Weight

These days it very popular one campaign that is present in many metropolises around the world. The same goes: ‘The incredible edible egg’. Believe it or not, there is so much truth in that one sentence of the campaign. Fact is that the eggs are rich in protein, but in nowadays it is raised awareness around the world to be careful with the consumption of the same. Many researches have noticed a high amount of cholesterol in the egg yolks. Those people who were health conscious and were taking care of their health, were eating only the egg whites and nothing more for many years. We did not believe them until these researches came up with their results.

On the other hand, in order the situation to get more confusing, the American Heart Association has changed their warnings of the egg consumptions. Before they were alarming that one person should not eat more than 3 eggs per week with the state that now one person may have one egg per day. If you got confused do not be ashamed, because you are not alone.

  1. What part of the eggs are best to be eaten?

It is scientifically proven that whole eggs are great source of dietary protein. It is considered that one egg contains more than 6 grams of proteins and 13 minerals and vitamins.

Additionally, each egg is rich with: selenium, vitamin D, vitamin B12, choline, riboflavin, and phosphorous. The same are very beneficial when muscle growth comes to question, because they stimulate the same as a result of the amino acids that are present in the eggs. Regarding the amino acids, the eggs offer around 600 milligrams of leucine.

Eggs are considered as very healthy and beneficial for your:

– brain;

– eyes; and

– weight control.

Regarding the weight loss, one study recently proved that people who are having eggs for breakfast every day in a period of 8 weeks lost 17% more fat and 65% more pounds in comparison with the people who were having bagel for breakfast, which has the same amount of calories as the eggs.

The truth is that most of the benefits that the eggs are giving are coming from the yolks.

  1. The greatest dilemma: Why people are separating their eggs and eat only whites?

The answer is simple – because of the cholesterol. The cholesterol is defined as a waxy substance that may be entered into one’s body through a number of sources. Our bodies are created to produce the cholesterol that is needed, but when we are consuming certain foods that are high with cholesterol we are adding extra amount of cholesterol into our bodies.

It has been proved that the eggs have around 200 mg of cholesterol and that is the reason why most of the doctors consider them as bad for your health. Interesting fact is that one recent study has shown that the cholesterol that can be found in the food that we are consuming has not a single relation with the cholesterol that can be found in our blood.

The level of our cholesterol may goes up if we are consuming saturated fat and trans. This leads to the fact that the consumption of eggs is much safer that it used to be. Thus, the dilemma still stays: which part of the egg we need to consume?

  1. Which parts of the egg are bad and which are good?

Firstly, the egg white has no cholesterol and no fat that is why is considered that is much healthier than the egg yolk. Each egg white is rich with folate, potassium, riboflavin, and selenium. Do not forget that the egg white is richer with protein rather than the egg yolk i.e. 4 of 6 grams of the egg’s protein is consisted in the egg white. To conclude, the egg white is a nutritional powerhouse on its own.

Talking about the egg yolk, they are the egg’s part where you may find cholesterol and fat. That is the explanation on why some people are eating only egg whites for so long. Talking about the beneficial sides of the egg yolk, the same is the egg’s part where you will find minerals and vitamins. More precisely, at the egg’s yolk you will find vitamins A, E, and D. It is interesting that the egg’s yolk cuts the inflammation too.

The Egg Nutrition Centre alarms that throwing out the egg’s yolk and eating only the egg’s white is not a good idea at all. It has been scientifically proven that if you throw out the egg’s yolk you will not diminish the heart diseases that you are keen too, as many people got used to think about. So eat the entire egg, because it has been proven that the whole egg is a nature’s multi-vitamin.

Another good thing about the eggs is that they are widely available and cheap so that almost anyone can afford them.

Following is a healthy egg recipe that you may consider inserting into your everyday meals. The same is so simple and tasteful.

The ingredients needed for the same are the following:

– 2 large eggs;

– 1 teaspoon of salsa; and

– 1 teaspoon of guacamole.

First beat the eggs. Afterwards, on a high heat, heat a non-stick skillet and pour the eggs mixture on it. Cook them on one side for around 50 seconds or until you consider that they are fully cooked. When done, put them on a plate and top them with guacamole and salsa. If you want to consume the same for breakfast, then you may wrap them into a gluten-free wrap.