Pardon Me While I Locate My Shovel to Devour This Protein-Packed “Dessert Hummus”

If you thought that the humus could not be transformed into a delicious dessert, you are totally wrong because the dessert hummus does really exist. Now, while your brain process the information that hummus and dessert can be put into one phase, allow us to explain how this this is possible.

The producer of this heavenly madness recipe is known as ‘Delighted By’, a company that was introduced on the recent episode of ABS’s Shark Tank. Everything started when the founder of the recipe, Makenzie Marzluff throw it with quite a lot of force, but aiming carefully, the dessert hummus to the sharks. Then Mark Cuban made an investment of around half a million dollars into this business. Probably you are questioning why? Because it is one of the greatest newly recipes nowadays and when you will read furtherly about it you will wish to recognize it first.

The hummus dessert invented by Makenzie is the perfect healthy food for the vegans and the ones that consume gluten-free food. The same is made of chickpeas, which are great source of protein, and sweetened with coconut or raw turbinado which in terms of consistency looks as cookie dough. This dessert hummus may be found in four flavours: Snickerdoodle, Brownie Batter, Vanilla Bean, and Choc-O-Mint.

The producer, ‘Delighted By’ has modified the dessert into many creative forms, making the joy into the same bigger and bigger. You can buy the hummus dessert as muffin, smoothie, or parfait recipe. If you are asking us, this thing tastes so good that we are advising to eat the same using shovel.

The most important question is where on this Planet you can buy this amazing thing? The hummus dessert by ‘Delighted By’ can be found at a variety of retailers around the US, for instance Publix, Whole Foods, and Walmart. In order not to waste your precious time trying to find where you can buy the same, use the ‘Delighted By’ handy store locator, then jump to the particular store, and buy as much dessert hummus as you can.