Oh F*ck Yeah! Swearing During Exercise Makes You Stronger, Study Says

Getting stronger is on almost everyone’s New Year’s wish list, but just wanting that it won’t go to any progress. Even, just going to the gym and lifting weights without a plan won’t necessarily work to achieve the goal.

One of the quite exciting discoveries of the scientists that you can do while exercising is swearing, which according to them apparently makes you stronger.

At the Keele University some scientists, led by Richard Stephens, previously found that swearing helps with pain management. That means that many times swear words seem to be the secret weapon for healing a funny bone collision, curing a stubbed toe,. . . and dealing with kids.

Having that in mind the UK researchers decided to test out their hypothesis that vulgar words may attitude actual physical benefits during an exercising.

Their experiment was conducted on a small group of participants to partake in two different exercises while repeating either their favorite vulgarity or a neutral word.

The group of 29 people were cycling for a short but intense training, and researchers found that those who swore were stronger than those who articulated a no cursing word. According to Stephens, who measured the power in the first five seconds, the swearing vs non-swearing group was a four percent stronger, and then across the full 30 seconds, it was about two percent increase.

In the second experiment were involved 52 people doing a handgrip test. The results of this test showed that those who dropped the F-bomb repeatedly had an eight percent stronger grip compared to those who didn’t.

Maybe many of you will not be satisfied by those percentages, they are really not high, but you should believe that it still makes you pretty happy.

Let those swear words fly!