Never Date Someone Who Does These 15 Things

Althoug it may look unlogical to you, but dating someone is one of the biggest decisions that you can make. You are living only once, and if you choose to spend the entire life with one person, just make it that person to be the right one. It does not have to mean that the person you are going to date will become your life-partner. Maybe you will spend only one year with him, but if you live to 80 years, that would be 1/80th of your life spent just as that. When dating someone you will need to be sure that that person is worth dating, not only because you will spend your precious time on that person, but because that person may destroy your life from every point of view.

The following article will present to you 15 tips, suggestions, and advices how to date the right person and what that person should not do.

  1. He is not sharing his phone with you

Every time when you ask for his cell phone, he does not want to give you. This means that he is hiding something from you and you cannot trust him. So this is a very serious thing, because without trust one relationship cannot function properly.

  1. He is getting weird if you ask him about his day at work or time spent during the weekend

It is OK your partner to do things without you, but if he immediately changes his mood when you ask him about the time spent at work or what he did during the weekend, then you will definitely start to wonder yourself what is going on. You cannot trust someone who does not want to share with you the truth about what he was doing during the weekend, not talking about more serious things.

  1. He is telling you one thing, so that after a short time he changes the story

The truth stays always truth. You cannot expect from someone who is telling you one thing, and after a short period of time changes the story to be a reliable and trustworthy. You do not need that type of persons in your life.

  1. They put you down

It is so toxic when someone is thriving on feeling better than others.

  1. He gets mad if you refuse him about sex

If this is happening, then he is looking at you as on a sex object and nothing more. The sex is part of a normal and strong relationship, but if sex turns into someone’s main motivation, then the relationship will not succeed and someone will get hurt.

  1. He never buy your things

The basic courtesy of one successful relationship is to give and receive and to be there for each other. You need to be always on the look for things that your partner needs. If your partner is buying you things that you do not need, it just means that he is not paying attention to you and your needs. Thus, he is selfish and concern only about him and his needs.

  1. He gets irritated when you need to spend some time with your family or friends

If he is getting easily nervous every time when you need to spend some time with your family and friends, it means that he shows a disrespect towards them. You do not need this type of a partner in your life. Disrespect just means that he is not compatible with you and your family and it is not worth to spend the rest of your life with a man as him.

  1. He holds you to a double standard

He is so happy and excited when he needs to go out on his own with his friends. Every time when you need to go out on your own with your friends he gets mad at you. Again, this is a complete disrespect and sign of lack of thrust towards you.

  1. He turn his mistakes as they are your mistakes

He is making a mistake, he is failing for something, but somehow in that entire situation he is making you to apologize to him. You do not need this kind of a manipulative person, a person who is turning everything into your fault. If you are wandering why, it is because these manipulations will have just a negative effect upon your self-esteem.

  1. He still flirts with other girls

There is nothing worst to go out with your partner to a public space and watch him flirting with some other girls around you or with the waitresses. This actions are just enormous indicators that he is doing the same when he is going out on his own with his friends, and perhaps he is cheating on you too. In this case you are a victim, a person who is there just to make fun of you. That is why you need to get rid of him immediately.

  1. He refuses calling you his girlfriend

If you are dating someone more than 3 months and he is refusing you to title you as his girlfriend, then it means that he is with you just for fun. Do not expect something good to come from someone who does not have a clear aim what he wants from life.

  1. He is narcissi

If he is talking only about himself and prefers to hear his own voice instead of yours, then it means that he likes himself more then you, and that will be as that for the rest of your lives. If you decide to stay along with this narcissi, be prepare that he will never respect your advices or opinions, and he will respect and value you as a person. That is so because he thinks that he is God’s gift and is one of his kind.

  1. He still mentions his ex-girlfriend

You could not accept to be compared with somebody else, especially not with his ex-girlfriend. If he is constantly mentioning her this means that he will never be in love with you fully. You deserve much more than someone that is in love with multiple people.

  1. You are not attracted to him

If you are not a sexually attractive to him, be sure that that attraction will never come up and with time your sex will become boring and tiresome. It is not enough to be nice person to someone and to love spending some time with him, but a sexual attraction must exist in order the relationship to grow into a healthy one.

  1. You are not a priority in his life

If you are with someone that truly loves you, then he will make plans for the future and you will play a big role in that plans. You deserve to be with somebody that will make a room for you in his life. If you felt that he is squeezing you and hardly ever finds time for you, then you are not his priority and he is not serious about you. If you are able to make some space in your life for somebody, then he needs to make the same thing for you. Otherwise you do not need that type of life-partner.