Mom Who Weighed Over 300 Lbs. Was Determined to Lose Weight Without Surgery: How She Lost 145 Lbs.

This is a story for Tara Kavanagh, who has several obese family members, so she was not surprised that it happened to her, too, as she thought that she was “destined to be fat.”

When she started having children, she was already over 200 lbs. but her pregnancy weight brought her up to 304 lbs. It didn’t change after having her second child, so, she knew she wanted to make a change.

As a young mother of two little girls, she decided to change her life, to shape her body and live healthier. Her aim was to be an active mother and be able to play with her kids, to live her life, not just exist.

Some of her family members had opted to undergo weight loss surgery, but the gaining weight repeated after a certain period of time. That was a reason why she was determined to go a different route.

Tara Kavanagh
Credit: Courtesy Tara Kavanagh

The examples of her relatives showed her that the surgery is not the only option, and she realized that she should change her lifestyle.

She had never been stuck to workout routines in the past because she would get bored before seeing any results. Once she began doing Jillian Michaels’ workouts, she finally found a fitness program that she could stick to. (HERE)

She loves Jillian’s workouts and tried many of them. She found them very fun and over the years she passed a variety of intensity levels to most moves.

She is still doing the same workouts, even she is now a fit person, but she just up the intensity level now to get some killer workouts.

Of course, the important part of this process was her diet, she also paid more attention to what she ate.

In the past, she used to eat because she was bored, and ate everything without any restriction. She didn’t pay attention to what she was eating, how many calories were in it, the quality of it, etc.

Initially, she continued to eat the same foods she always had but started decreasing her portions.

Tara Kavanagh
Credit: Courtesy Tara Kavanagh

She was aware that changing too much too fast, would get her overwhelmed and she could quit. When she started losing weight, it addicts her to learn healthier ways of eating. She was focused on calories (her calories in need should be less than her calories out). She used Jillian’s app along with a fitness tracker, and the weight came off so easily!

Now Kavanagh’s attitude is to eat unprocessed, non-GMO and organic as much as possible. She also follows the 80/20 rule when it comes to eating.

This achievement of losing 145 lbs. has given Kavanagh a whole new lease on life.

The best part of this process is the gaining of the confidence to really live her life and trying new things.