Mind-Opening Short Film ‘Happiness’ Will Make You Question Every Aspect Of Modern Day Life

A famous Animator Steve Cutts has amazing works inspired by 1930s and 40s cartoons, as well as modern comic books and graphic novels.  He is famous for his works on digital projects in well-known companies including Coca-Cola, Google, Sony, and Toyota.

In 2012 he created his most popular film MAN (22 million views on YouTube) and there are many other following creations.

His newly released short film “Happiness” will really take your breath away. It shows the Race of the rodents (Rats) as humans, showing the world of marketing in current times. You’ll see how the rats (people) are constantly buying new things in the hopes of finding happiness, but they never truly achieve it.

You’ll see that the buying things that people think they need or want will never truly bring them any real sense of happiness. Cutts portrayed Black Friday and he presented exactly how the people are relaying to buying things. You should watch this short film more times and you’ll be able to pick up on small things.

Everyone should understand the life as it is because happiness cannot be found in money, alcohol, drugs, technology, or anything else. It is something that people can only find within, which will be the first step to getting out of the “Rat Race.”

The people should educate themselves and don’t fall for the tricks of those who do their best to pull the wool over their eyes. The great things should be done if someone truly wants to. You can be aware that the system we live in is designed to keep people as rats in an experiment.

The people who have already watched this short film several times, show the readiness to watch it again. We suggest you watch it here and you can recommend it to others.