Maeve Thinks BMI Is Total Bullsh*t — and We Can’t Help but Agree

Maeve Madden, a young girl, has a recent visit to her doctor. After stepping on the scale that gives detailed information about the BMI, known as body mass index, she was quite shocked. For those of you who are not familiar with the term body mass index, the same is a measure of your body fat according to the weight that one person has, in a relation with his weight. The scale between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered to be a healthy BMI. The last results of Maeve’s check showed that her BMI is 26, which was quite impossible because Maeve was defined as a person with overweight.

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I call BS 💩 on BMI .. 👍🏻 Today I was at the doctors regarding my PCOS and hormonal Acne breakout .. 🤒. They took my weight and my BMI came in at 26 which is considered " Over weight" 🙄🙄.. I did ask for a second weigh in, if I could remove my jacket shoes etc and I did let her know my hair is very thick and that could be an extra 1/2kg, but no, it was recorded in my medical that I was 26 on the BMI Scale! The last time I had this checked u can see on the right image, I was so skinny, I did so much cardio and ate very little.. but my BMI then was normal 😱😱 now that I'm super fit and healthy my BMI is over weight. I'm kinda disgusted because I had come so far, I feel so strong and full of energy and I am happy the way I am now compared to then! 🙌🏻🙌🏻 So why do I Call BS 💩. BMI is an inaccurate measure of body fat content and does not take into account muscle mass, bone density, overall body composition etc.. it is flawed and not In the flawsome way, I love ! 😉. Muscle weighs more than fat, a lot more due to density ! There fore BMI will inevitably class muscly athletic people as fatter than they really are !!🙌🏻🙌🏻 It's embarrassing that in our world today with all the technology and medical advances that we are still standing on old school scales and taking BMI readings!! So I laughed it off but I really should have said 💪🏻" I embrace and love my body, I work out , not because I wanna loose weight or be a certain shape but because I love to feel strong and healthy! My worth is not measured by a number on a scale! Being happy in my weight and how I look is a positive body image!! 💕💕💕. Shoutout to all the girls who are out there trying and loving themselves in a world that is constantly telling them not to !! #maevemadden #bmiisbullshit #loveyourself #realtalk #reality #healthymind #bodypositive #bodyboss ..

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If you look on the both pictures you will see that on the right one Maeve is a skinny person and in that time her BMI was 18 or quite normal. On the left picture, where she is super fit, healthy, and with normal weight, Maeve’s BMI is 26, which makes her a person with overweight. If you make a comparison, the ultimate results of Maeve’s BMI are quite illogical.

After this experience, Maeve is sending a message to all of the girls and women out there that the BMI is actually an inaccurate measure of body fats and that you cannot rely on the same, especially because this BMI is not taking into consideration the bone density, the muscle mass, as well the overall body composition. This made Maeve to feel disgusted by the results that she got from her doctor, because after a hard work and lot of exercises she managed to bring her body from skinny into a strong and full of energy one, which by the doctor’s results was defined as something else. Asking her, she will not rely on the BMI anymore and she is more than happy because of what she achieved regarding her body.

She concluded that according to the BMI if you are working out and running healthy life, then you may be characterized as a person with overweight, while if you are skinny and anorexic person, then you are quite normal one.

Nowadays Maeve loves her body and she considers that this BMI scale is just an old-school method which is completely wrong. She also admits that she did not start working out because she wanted to lose some weight, but because she wanted to turn her body into a healthy and strong one, and she succeeded in the same.

Overall, Maeve is proud of what she achieved and strongly confirms that her worth cannot be measured by a number on some scale. The most important thing is how you feel in your body and whether you are satisfied with the same. None scales may tell you how healthy and strong is your body unless you do not fell that on your own.