Lexi Lost Over 300 Pounds in 2 Years With These (VERY) Small Changes

At the end of 2015, just before the New Year’s Eve, Lexi Reed and her husband made a New Year’s Resolution list, and on the list there was only one thing that they have promised to achieved in 2016 – losing the extra weight that they have go in enormous amount. Two years after, believe it or not, Lexi has lost over 300 pounds and her husband lost around 100 pounds. They begin their weight loss journey with a simple healthy changes.

  1. Lexi Before

Most of the people with overweight think that if they give up soda or exchanging the junky food with healthy food cooked at home will not make a difference at all. Lexi is a life proof that that is not true. She and her husbands started with those small healthy changes and transformed their bodies to something incredible. The most important is that they have gained energy and improved their self-confidence.

At the end of 2015 Lexi and her husband got fed up of the extra weight that they have got, as well of the unhealthy life that they were living. Additionally, they were restricted of doing a lot of things together as a couple, starting from traveling at an airplane, going on hiking, bicycling, or romantic walks, to unhealthy conditions that were limiting them of forming a family and having children.

Lexi explains that while she was growing up, her family did not have a lot of money, so her mother was not able to cook at home and they were forced to eat processed food that, which was much easier to be purchased in comparison with the healthy food. She admits that once she got married to her husband, they have continued with the unhealthy habits of living, spending most of their nights at the front of the TV and just eating. She explains that she was an emotional eater and that no matter happened to her, she was finding her consolation in the food.

The end of 2015 was the right moment when her best friend challenged her to give up of the alcohol, sodas, and processed food, plus to start working out about 30 minutes five times a week. That was the start of the weight-loss journey for Lexi.

Lexi explains that her entire life she was a person with an overweight. Looking back on the years that passed, she tried many diets, even she tried the LA Weight Loss and Weight Watchers when she was at high school, but nothing worked for her because she was not changing her lifestyle completely. Once her friend challenged her to this weight-loss, Lexi knew that she will have to stich to something long-term this time. Instead of depriving herself, she started taking the foods that she likes the most and making healthier versions of them.

Lexi was already a member of Anytime Fitness for so many years, but she has visited the gym once or twice. The next thing she did, she started visiting the Anytime Fitness every day when it was not so crowded and she was facing the machine that she was practising on to the wall so that no one could watch her. The Cross Ramp was the machine that Lexi felt in love with, because the same was not hurting her joints even she was at the weight of 485 pounds. Additionally, she found an interesting cardio dance titled Pulse class, which was sort of some modification of the Zumba, which allowed her to switch the gym workouts with music workouts every time when she was feeling that she is easily getting bored of the gym. In fact, Lexi was not following certain diet regime, but she was paying attention to consume more proteins and less carbs. Also, she was using My Fitness Pal in order to be able to track all the calories that she was entering on a daily level. In order to keep herself motivated, she joined to the Diet Bet weight-loss challenge on a monthly level too.

If asking her what is her favourite workout she will say to you the Pulse class. Lexi is not seeing on the Pulse class as on a workout, but as on something that is bringing fun to her, making her to make a lot of new friends. These new friends are actually the one that are keeping her accountable, motivating her to burn the calories.

Lexi confirms that she was not dedicating half a day to the gym. Instead, the first six months she was exercising only 30 minutes per day in a period of 6 days weekly.

  1. Lexi After

The challenge that she undertook is a long-lasting one i.e. lasting for years. So in order not to get bored and easily give up, she developed a technique for herself to switch up the workouts. This means that sometimes she is having a Pulse classes with music, sometimes she is going on a hiking other days she is performing Cross Ramp, or even sometimes she is biking too. Only in that way she managed to lose 312 pounds in two years.

The first big difference that she did and made her proud was going to a restaurant that she was previously. She remembers that previously when she and her husband were eating at that restaurant, her stomach was so fat that the same was sitting on the table on the booth while they were eating. Going back at the restaurant when she lost some pounds, she remembers that there was a lots of wiggle room when she sat at the same table to eat.

  1. Lexi and Her Husband: Before and After

Lexi explains that are lot of ways how she was tracking her weight lost, although sometimes the non-scale victories were detecting her the weight she lost. Usually she was using the My Fitness Pal application, but most of the time her clothes were just enough proof to see how much weight she has lost.

She admits that there were days when she was having a cheating meals, for instance as when she went on a holiday and did not count a single calorie that she consumed. What kept her motivated was the fact that tomorrow is a new day and that you cannot go back, just you need to move forward.

Following is her eating regime that she was following every day:

– Breakfast: three pieces of butterball turkey bacon and two eggs;

– First snack: banana with peanut butter;

– Lunch: sweet potato and chicken breast;

– Second snack: light mozzarella sticks;

– Dinner: asparagus, blackened salmon, and cottage cheese.

The My Fitness Pal application helped Lexi to count the calories that she was in-taking faithfully and in that way she learned a lot about the nutrition labels. When she started with her weight-loss journey she was consuming 1800 calories and now she is consuming 1400 calories daily.

Every time when she feels that she needs to eat something she has healthy staples in her fridge, such as fruit, spinach, eggs, chicken, and salad.

When going out she is trying to pick the restaurant that fits her the most. If that is not possible, then she is adapting the menu according to her needs, paying attention to order vegetables and a high-protein meat. Also if there is a possibility, she is asking from the waitress her meal to be cooked with butter. If there are no such options, there will be always some kind of salad that she can order.

Regarding the fitness trackers, she was not up to such things until recently, when she started using the Fitbit Charge 2. The same helped her to move forward more and more, but the greatest influence she felt from Pulse. Pulse helped Lexi to get out of her comfort zone and to change her life completely. Additionally, Pulse make her met new friends that supported and motivated her through her weight-loss journey. Those friends were the first one recognizing if Lexi is missing some fitness classes. Her suggestion is that everyone needs to try fitness, because the benefits of the same cannot be described with words.

The most important thing that she learned from this weight-loss journey is how capable and strong she is as a person. She got surprised by herself how in only a period of 2 years she lost more than 300 pounds, something that can be lost for over 3 years. She is so proud of herself and her self-determination, motivation, and hard work that brought her to this stage where she is now. Additionally, this height-loss journey helped her to save her life from a healthy perspective. Moreover, Lexi add that the weight-loss is not only about the weight that you are going to lose, it is more about the life that is coming after that weight lost.

Undertaking this weight-loss journey along with her husband make it easy for her, because they were motivating each other, working out together, consuming the same meals together, and aiming through the same goal together. She confirms that the weight-loss journey is not easy at all, but going through the same with somebody who is facing with the same issue, made them stronger and closer as a couple.

Lexi advises that once you will decide to start with a weight-loss journey, you will need to start with small steps, because the small steps are the ones that are bringing big results. Moreover, you need to focus on each day as entity, not on how far and long you will have to go in future. Only as that you will succeed.

Source: www.popsugar.com