The Lemon Water Mistake Millions Of People Make Every Morning

The lemon is the most refreshing fruit which contains a high amount of C vitamins, even 187%. Namely, we all know the health benefits that the lemon possess and that no other fruit could suppl your body with the C vitamin, like the lemon does.

Well, many of us also become addicted to the ritual – starting the morning with the combination of lemon with water, which is a good way to stay refreshed and fool of energy for the whole day. Also, this lemon water will boost your metabolism very quickly.

But have you ever really ask yourself a question: do you prepare the lemon water properly? If you think that you are, you are wrong!

The wrong thing that you are doing all the time is the fact that you are throwing away the most nutritious part. And that is, believe it or not, the lemon peel.

So, we will give you the real recipe for the lemon water which includes the lemon peel, as well.

It would be better if you could use organic lemons. Then,cut the lemons on thin slices and squeeze only some of them into the water. The other slices you may leave aside.

Next thing you should do is to grate the zest of those slices you already squeezed into the water. Take those slices which remained and put them whole into a blender. Pour boiling hot or cold water.

The woman in the video says that the lemon peel is the healthiest thing that improved a couple of her conditions. The lemon peels helped her with the metabolism, they got back the shine of her skin and her hair and make her feel much yonger and full of energy.

All that she is doing is shapingthe lemon peels in the glass of water and then adding the lemon juice in it.

Many experts claim that lemon could helpyour digestion due to its acid nature. The juice of the lemon slows down the food absorption and could successfully conserve the insulin stores in your body. That will make you sure that the body will get the most of the processed food.

Prepare yourself a lemon water and you will see it by yourself!