Lemon Foot Soak That Can Help Detoxify Your Whole Body

We live in a modern era where everything is happening so fast. Nowadays women are too occupied with a range of different things, that no free time is left for them to take care of their body and health. Tired legs are product of high heels, long walks, bad mood, or lack of energy.

The greatest attention that we our giving when our body comes to question, is dedicated to our hair and skin, forgetting on the legs. That is the main reason why later we are dealing with issues as cracked heels, varicose appear, and dry skin. The truth is that if we want to have healthy legs not so much time and money is needed to be spent. The remedies for the same can be prepared at home and may cost you really small amount of money.

The foot soak is the simplest solution of tired legs after a long day at work. Once you will soak your feet into a salted water all the unpleasant feeling will disappear just in a moment. Another benefit of the salted water is that you will boost your body with enough amount of iodine.

The following article will present to you a foot soak recipe that will have great benefits upon your tired and cracked feet. The ingredients for the same are very simple and acceptable. All you need is warm water, olive oil, Epsom salt, pepper mint essential oil, mint tea, and lemon juice. Mix all the components into a deep bowl, soak your legs in it, and leave as that for 15 minutes. While your feet are soaking, you can use a scrub to remove all the dead skin that appeared on your feet.

The benefits of this foot soak are in a great number. Here are some of them:

  1. Get Rid of Stress

The Epsom salt which is used as one of the ingredients of the foot soak is rich with magnesium. This mineral is good for relieving the stress out of the body.

  1. Relaxing Your Nerves

Nowadays the most popular approach in the alternative medicine is considered to be the reflexology. The same has a positive impact on your well-being by calming some of the pressure points on your body. It is proved medically that most of those pressure points are placed on your feet because there is a great amount of nerves. This is an explanation why the foot soak is helping you in the process of complete relaxation of the entire body in a very short period of time.

  1. Universal Detox

All those people who have some basic knowledge in wellness can explain to you how much negative effect may have all the toxins on your body. The same cause problems with the digestive track and turns the skin into unhealthy one. The lemon and the peppermint, the two ingredients among the many in the foot soak, are great helpers and eliminates all the toxins from our bodies.