Learn How Your Face Can Reveal What Part of Your Body Is Sick, and What to Do About It

It is really amazing how the Ancient Chinese healers diagnosed the health issues without sophisticated machines. Actually, they used the technique of reading the face and detecting the signs of almost any health condition.

One of the examples is the condition of the skin (redness, dry skin, acne), which are directly caused by an issue with your organs, due to their interconnection. In order to keep that knowledge for generations, the healers developed the face mapping, which was an important “tool” for detection of numerous health problems in ancient times.

Face mapping is based on the position of acne on the face and linkage to the health problems in the body. This method is safe and non-invasive that help you treat health problems accordingly. The facts that all organs are interconnected in the body, thorough the look at the face the healer or doctor can diagnose anything.

Here you can find what the location of acne signifies:

  1. Acne on the cheeks

–           Smoking

–           Bacterial buildup

–           Touching your face frequently

  1. Acne on the T-zone

–           Stress

–           Too much coffee

–           Alcohol abuse

–           Poor circulation

  1. Acne on the chin, jaw or neckline

–           Candida infection

–           Excessive consumption of starch

–           Excessive consumption of processed sugar

–           Hormonal problems

Liver – the area between the eyebrows

In case of the consumption a lot of meat, the stomach will need extra time to work, to digest it. This will engage the organ to work without rest, which causes skin problems such as acne.

To avoid such consequences, start eating a healthy diet focused on raw vegetables and fruit, and spend more time outside in the fresh air.

Bladder and small intestine – forehead

Consuming too much processed and fatty food, as well as foods low in fiber, will cause acne on your forehead. The stress and alcohol overdose can also be the reason for the poor digestion, dehydration, and toxic buildup.

This problem can be resolved by drinking 10-12 glasses of water every day and avoiding alcohol and processed food.

Kidneys – eye area and eyebrows

Dehydration and underfeeding cause acne in the eye area and eyebrows.

Those conditions are caused by alcohol abuse, poor circulation, smoking, and weakened heart. You can resolve these problems if you avoid alcohol and caffeine and drink plenty of water every day.

Kidneys and lungs – cheeks

The most frequent reason for acne on the cheeks is a poor dental hygiene.

To avoid any problem, brush and floss your teeth regularly, and avoid foods and drinks rich in sugar.

Lungs – upper part of the cheeks

The increased air pollution can cause acne in the upper part of the cheeks.

To avoid this, stop smoking and going outside when the air is polluted.

Heart – nose

The condition of the nose is directly linked to the heart, so if you have acne on it, start exercising more often, avoid consuming too much salt and eat a healthier diet.

Stomach – mouth, and chin

Consumption of fatty and sugary foods, as well as alcohol abuse, can cause acne on the mouth and chin.

Add some fermented foods to your diet and avoid consuming these foods to treat the problem.

Hormones – neck, and jaw

When the hormonal imbalance in the body occurs it causes acne on the neck and jaw.

The hormones can be balanced by eating a healthy diet and controlling the salt and caffeine intake.

Source: mysticalraven.com